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9 Best Locations for Sailing in the US

Physically challenging adventure is what sailing is all about, but at the same time, it’s considered an environmental-friendly way of spending a vacation. However, it might be more expensive than road-tripping.

It would be perfect to have an exceptional and top of the line yacht where you can both have a safe trip and convenience. Luckily, Hatteras GT54 will give you everything that you want from a yacht, considering both the performance and luxury as it is considered as an all in one cruise ship.

So to sure that it will be a fun sailing here are some of the best locations in the US you can discover.

Maui, Hi

Beautiful Hawaii is undeniably a popular location for all beach lovers and an ideal place to sail. The golden sand of Maui is a perfect place to enjoy your stay there are also a lot of beautiful landscapes and mountains around Maui, and for sure, nature lovers would definitely love it. An ideal place to travel during the winter season.

It’s located closer to the mainland of Canada.

Catalina Island, CA

Level up your sailing experience by discovering the beautiful terrains that every sailor would want to see. The beautiful bay and a unique harbor in Catalina Island awaits you. If you are going to start in Los Angeles, it will take you around five to eight hours of travel to reach this famous island, and you can visit here at any time of the year.

San Juan Islands, WA

Another ideal place for sailing located closer to the mainland of Canada considered as a playground for boaters. San Juan Islands’ historical and natural beauty and rare wildlife made this emerald see as one of the top destinations not only for sailors but to all who genuinely love nature all over the world.

Key West, FL

A beautiful place in Florida where oceans have precious natural habitat for different species which make this place an ideal for sailers who love snorkeling. A place where you can both enjoy sunny weather and then set a nice party at night. Sail cool at Key West, Florida,

New Port, RI

America’s Cup Yacht was held here between 1930-1983, and until today this city is still hosting yacht race events. New Port also offers sailing schools, so if you want to be a master of sailing, I suggest checking your calendar now and set the date already.

Hudson River Valley, NY

A beautiful spot for cruising located in New York, Hudson River, offers a wide variety of spectacular views. This place is an ideal location for a family vacation that surely will create a wonderful memory to be treasured. It offers abundant wildlife and fresh air.

Apostle Islands, WI

This location will make you feel that you are both sailing and at the same time trekking, it offers a wonderful and relaxing view of spruce, fir and birch trees as well as the amazing formation of rocks called sea cave that will surround you as you sail along the island.

Grand Haven, MI

Known to be the first official coast guard city in the US, Grand Haven has one of the most excellent coastal communities in Michigan. They have the most spectacular lake, a relaxing place to sail. To experience the best, make sure to set your cruising between November-April.

Chestertown, MD

Make your summer vacation worth it by cruising to one of the most favorite spots of every sailor. The Chesapeake Bay located at Chestertown, MD. This bay offers a maritime rich history; they also have amazing creeks and rivers. The Chesapeake Bay is one of the Earth’s remaining destinations that are easy and great to sail.

Sailing is indeed a different form of travel, but surely it is gratifying. There is only one secret about sailing, and it’s to have fun and create great memories.