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How To Remodel Your Kitchen To Look More Cottagecore

The smell of freshly cut grass!

The sound of birds chirping and cattle herding. Soft village rain, and baking a pie and letting it cool on your kitchen window seal. That is what cottagecore aesthetic is all about. 

If only you had a kitchen worth this taste!

If you keep up with the subgenres of aesthetics and how they are influencing interior decoration, you must have come across this term called cottagecore kitchen. Yes, you must have seen some pictures in catalogues, and now you cannot wait to change your entire kitchen into it. 

You have reached the right place, indeed. Here is how we have made this remodelling easier and given your kitchen that touch of simple cottage life. If you do not wish to make a mistake , why not decorate it virtually first? Download Planner 5D for free from RARBG, this will help you decorate the kitchen virtual first then in real life. 

1. Rustic Wood Is Everything

The wood aesthetic is everything to bring cottage comes to your kitchen. However, the sophisticated wood polish would steer more into the dark academia genre. What we are looking for here is something rustic, worn out, used, and vintage. 

However, you do not have to scour the entire market in order to find something which is remotely close to what we just described. It is your kitchen, so always take the easy way out. You can buy contact paper and just place them on the countertop or any kitchen area you wish to cover.

This will work as your excellent base to add more. 

2. Flowers & Nature

If you do not wish to go for the generic rustic woodcut, floral, and more so, vintage tea stained floral should be your next choice. You can even experiment with pastel shades like sage green and dusty pink to give the old cottagecore look. Even if you rarely cook in that kitchen, this is bound to give the illusion that you do.

However, flowers are not just for accent. You can even use wildflowers in a rusted pot or even freshly picked flowers to decorate the kitchen counter. This will give you the illusion that you freshly picked some flowers from your walk in the woods. 

3. Accent Walls & Lights

Accent walls are not that common. However, someone who is following the cottagecore aesthetic should know that a kitchen is the heart of everything in cottage life. An accent wall o shelf with a vintage kitchenette collection is not very uncommon for them. You can try an accent wall of vintage pictures portraying the cottage life, or you can even have just one wall painted in the theme if you do not want your entire kitchen to look like that.

Lights, on the other hand, also play a major role in bringing all the nuanced natural cottagecore feel. Lamp shades are made of old cloth or bamboo shoots. Long stem candles for the counter can make a lot of difference. If you are a baker and wish to get into the feel of it, then get some linen aprons as well. 

4. Copper & Glass

These are the two elements which can bring out the cottagecore in your kitchen the most. Ditch the expensive containers or the plastics, and stack up your entire cabinet with glass jars, coffee, tea, and spices with them.

This will also give a witchy theme to your cottagecore, as it is one of the sub-genre of the aesthetic. Now, copper pots and pan hanging in your kitchen shouts cottagecore, and they are not just for decor; you can also cook your delicious meals in them. 

Ready For Your Kitchen!

Now that you know you do not need to hire high-end interior decorators, nor do you need too many expensive items, you should start decorating right away. However, if you want to go a little further, you can always choose the vintage cottagecore theme and paint your entire kitchen in shades of tea stain yellow.

Candles are a great edition, but since most of your kitchen will have flammable objects, it is better not to use them in kitchen decors.