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How to Prepare for a Long-Haul Flight

Traveling across the world is an exciting thing. Being able to move from one part of the globe during the daytime and reaching your destination yet another day on the same date kind of feels like time travel, but is it really? You are just merely moving time zone to time zone. With that said, it is not always the case that you reach your destination in a day. Sometimes your trip can take two or even three days. And truth be told, as exciting as you think these trips are, they can turn pretty sour if you are not prepared. Severe neck pains and swollen legs are just a few of the downsides of long flights. But in this piece, we shall give you a few tips to make sure that when you take terrific cheap holidays abroad far from home, you will get there pain and fatigue-free.

Choose the right place

When you are choosing a place to spend some time away, you have to consider the distance. Especially if you are traveling with your kids. Long trips may begin the fun part, but if it is too long, they get fussy and may cause tantrums on the plane, which can be stressful. For that reason, pick a place not too far, but if you have no choice, select a plan with connecting flights so that your young ones can rest.

Pack your carry on strategically

Whether you are traveling solo, with kids, or with a partner, always pack your carry-on wisely. Consider packing a blankie, a neck pillow, extra pair of socks, a sweater, earphones, your laptop, a charger, a magazine, sweets, or a kid’s toy. Basically, anything that may come in handy during your trip, pack it there.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

Wearing tight clothes and shoes for flights is always a no-no. Well, unless the piece of clothing is elastic and light like cotton tights, do not dare. This is because on-air, the pressure is regulated, and your legs might end up swelling and start to hurt if there is no room for expanding. With that said, sports shoes, flip flops, or sandals are okay. For the dressing, stretching tights and sweatpants are the best to travel in comfort.

Walk around the plane

If your flight is more than 4 hours, try to walk around the plane to stretch your legs to avoid going numb. You do not have to walk from first class to economy, simply take a stroll to the lavatory and back a few times. It helps reduce soreness.

When you are sleepy, sleep!

Jetlag is one big problem travelers complain about when taking long trips across time zones. But there is a way you can work around this, sleep. Unfortunately, some people want to stay awake for longer because it is bright outside; without realizing their internal clocks clicks, it is time to relax. And they strain their bodies to stay awake such that by the time they get to their destination they are too tired; they miss a day or two.

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