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A quick look at the best shoes for toddlers from Start-Rite

The best shoes for toddlers, according to the experts in the UK.

That’s what is being said about Start-Rite.

You’ll want to make sure that your baby’s feet are protected, comfortable and ready for their first steps. Start-Rite is a brand that’s invested in the science behind toddlers shoes, and what makes a shoe the very best for a child’s growth.

“Never outworn, only outgrown” is the conclusion from the Kensington Mums review of the Chelsea Boots suitable for boys and girls.

The start of a new school or nursery year means the chaos surrounding back-to-school shopping, organising and planning is about to begin. While many parents welcome the return to a more routine schedule that school brings, getting children ready for classes can be stressful.

For over 200 years, Start-Rite has been making shoes that keep children happy at school. With a wide range of styles and sizes for toddlers shoes, Start-Rite shoes fit children right through the growth spurt phase and beyond.

It’s a brand that makes enormous leaps to reassure parents that their choices will promote the health and comfort of their children’s feet.

Here’s a look at their top-rated toddler shoes for boys and girls so that you can find the perfect pair for your little one.

Start-rite’s Range Of Toddler’s Pre-walker Shoes

They’re a good choice for parents who want to buy their toddler their first pair of shoes for walking. If your little one is just learning how to walk, cruisers or pre-walkers with flexible soles perfectly fit the growth from crawling to walking. These shoes will help them feel confident as they get their balance down.

Pre-walker shoes for girls:

Start-Rite Little Star Girls Berry T-Bar Pre Walker

Pre-walker shoes for boys:

Start-Rite Cuddle Boys Navy Nubuck T-Bar Pre Walker

Start-rite’s shoes are well-designed and made to last. They’re available in a range of different colours, which means you can match them to any outfit your toddler is wearing. They offer a wide variety of shoes for different ages and their prices are competitively priced.

Start-rite pre-walker shoes feature leather uppers and comfortable insoles which provide a nice fit and support as your child learns how to walk. For buying toddlers shoes, there are several things you should keep in mind.

First of all, toddlers’ feet grow fast

You’ll need to re-measure your child’s feet every 6-8 weeks.

Second, always make sure the shoes are comfortable and safe for your child’s feet.

Lastly, remember that children can be very picky about what they wear, so try different brands too until you find one your toddler likes!

Start-rite’s range of shoes for toddlers offer a soft sole that is comfortable and flexible, making them perfect for those first steps. The shoes are made from a durable leather which is breathable and easy to clean. A soft lining provides extra comfort as your child learns how to walk.

If your little one is just learning how to walk, these toddlers shoes will help them feel confident as they get their balance down. The Start-rite range also includes other styles such as trainers and sandals that are perfect for holiday fun.

Vegan-friendly shoes

With their new line of vegan-friendly shoes, Start-Rite allows customers to enjoy the same impressive designs they love while living an eco-friendly lifestyle. These synthetic alternative school shoes are perfect for those who do not want to wear leather.

The different styles of Velcro-fastening shoes and lace-up boots offer both flexibility and the same tested, comfortable fit.

What’s great for toddlers is Start-Rite’s approach to shoes

They make a range of toddlers shoes that are flexible and lightweight, making them perfect for those first steps. They make the shoes from durable materials. If you prefer leather, the footwear is breathable and easy to clean. A soft lining provides extra comfort as your child learns how to walk.

To sum up, your child gets,

Flexible shoes,

Lightweight shoes,

Shoes that fit the weather.

Any fantastic alternatives to consider?

Yes, Petasil, they know what children need in their first school toddlers shoes. That’s why they make sure every pair of shoes come with a layer of memory foam that provides extra cushioning and support for growing feet.

Petasil example shoe:

Plus, Petasil shoes are designed with flex grooves and lightweight outsoles so kids can move quickly and freely without feeling weighed down by their footwear. And if you’ve got a little boy who likes to play outside in the mud or a girl who loves to jump in puddles?

No problem!

You can wash the shoes on cold and air dry them at room temperature (never put them in the dryer) without compromising the quality of the material or structure of the shoe itself. Don’t put them by a radiator either. Stuff with newspaper and let them dry naturally.

So there you have it! The best toddlers shoes are ready to grab. We hope that we have helped you find the perfect pair of shoes for your little one.