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What Makes Kilim Bags Different From Other Handmade Bags?

The word Kilim is of Turkish origin and refers to a pileless textile. Pile is used as the rug term to describe the rug type bag’s surface and dense it is. One of the significant differences between a Kilim bag and other types of handmade handbags is that a Kilim is a flatweave that means it is woven on a loom rather than knotted. It is fascinating to know that these bags are created by interlocking warp and weft threads. However, they are made by hand, with a weaving technique, rather than knitting.

Handmade rugs that have a pile, and they have no flatweaves and are created by knotting individual strands, of various colors, onto the warps. After that, these strands are held together by tightly pressing the wefts against each other.

The majority of Kilim bags are made from 100% wool. However, in some cases, the warp also contains cotton. Wool is considered as an excellent choice for kilim bags. The main reason is that it is widely available, hardwearing, and easy to handle, or the vegetable dyes take to it entirely.

The recognizable design features of a Kilim bag

It’s essential to consider that their simple and bold geometric designs recognize kilim bags. They are also referred to as slit-woven textiles down to the design feature along with small vertical slits along the edges of the patterns when colors, if stands, meet each other. They also highlight the desired geometric shapes in order to get an HD effect. Along with this, Kilim bags are still one of the best choices among girls for both casual and formal use.

  • Seasonal

Kilim bags are suitable all year round. These bags are also used for better insulation, and unlike massive piles, the flat-woven bag is lightweight and traps less heat in the summer months. It is fascinating to know that Kilim Bags are the popular choice for conservatories and hotter climate countries.

  • Light-weighted

As it is described earlier that Kilims have no pile, it makes them a more attractive option. If you are one of those who are looking for something lightweight and manageable, there is nothing better than Kilim bags. These bags are easy to carry, as well as easy to clean.

  • Aesthetic

It is fascinating to know that the aesthetic of Kilims in modern spaces and homes today have taken on a more decorative purpose. It is still highly functional too; the colors and unique patterns are woven on kilims also have increasingly taken center stage in bringing out the cozy, relaxed, and vibes of a space.

  • More Durable

Handmade Kilim bags are more durable than traditional machine-made bags due to the way they are woven. Moreover, machine-made bags are made incredibly fast, more likely to wear before Kilim bags would.

It makes vintage Kilim bags one of the perfect options in order to continue a new beautiful life as cushion covers. These kilim bags remain wonderful in condition, except for some areas that may be more weathered and exposed to human traffic. However, the idea of kilim in terms of bags is more interesting than any other household.

  • Bright and Bold

You can easily find Kilim Bags with so many different colors, and they are usually bright and bold. These are perfect for injecting a splash of color into space and having a bit of fun with. Kilim bags have no pile. In this way, there is no chance of having a shedding rug on your hand. Less dust is collected and so lower quantities of allergens too

  • Affordable

One of the main reasons for kilim bags is lower cost, because of the amount of time, effort as well as a skill that goes into the making of them. These bags give brilliant quality and are beautifully crafted. If you have a tight budget for your bag purchase, these are a great place to start.

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