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6 Latest Swimming Pool Designs You Can Consider While Home Remodeling

Do you know that a swimming pool can be a great place for fun as well as it can also give health benefits when you swim in your swimming pool?

There are many places where a swimming pool can be built in a home, but the best place for building a swimming pool in a house is a backyard. A swimming pool can also be built in the front of a big home. One can arrange pool parties by the side of the swimming pool. Moreover, it will also make the home look wonderful.

In this post, we will be discussing about the designs that are trending in the home remodelling process of building a pool in a home.

Top 6 Swimming Pool Designs for home

Pools with Geometric Shapes

There can be two types of geometrically shaped pools- Regular and sharp. The pool builder can also build cascade tile design. You can also go for forest looks around the pool. Plants will give a soothing and relaxing effect when you spend leisure time in your pool. To give mosses effect on the bottom of the pool, choose green tiles instead of generic blue and white tiles.

Backyard Oval-shaped Pools

An oval-shaped pool is basically suitable for the big backyards where there is a lot of space. One can easily install the waterfalls and small staircases to give a breathtaking look to the whole pool area. A pool which is oval-shaped looks fantastic with palm trees around it. It is suitable for big homes, so if you have a pretty big backyard, you can go for oval-shaped ones.

Generic Rectangle Pools

It may not look like a very innovative shaped pool, but it is quite useful and practically designed pool shape for sure. Not to forget that these types of pools are used for swimming in long strips as well as build in homes with fewer spaces either in the backyard or the front of the homes. You can try to get this shape pool if space is quite not big.

Spacious Pools in Grecian Style

If you have a big family, then you must need a big pool in your home. To cater to these requirements, it is necessary to have a spacious pool so that all the members of the family can enjoy and have fun in their free time. A Grecian style pool is like a wide-rectangular pool, absolutely opposite to the simple rectangle shape which is suitable for small spaces.

Space-friendly Free-form Pools:

Not many pools are made in free-form shapes, but if you want to give an artistic look to your pool, these types of pools give you the freedom to build any shape you like. A unique shape with a creative bent of mind can be designed with the help of a swimming pool builder according to the budget and space. These are incredibly space-friendly as there are no limitations on the shape as is most liked by the younger age people.

Kidney pools with Round Edged Shape

A kidney pool is a round-edged corner pool which looks like the shape of a watercolour palette shape. Artificial waterfalls make this pool look more beautiful and charming to look at. It almost gives a lake like feel to the pool so it can be best built in the front area of the home. Waterflow is quite slow as it circulates inside the pool and not crash against the sharp edges as in a rectangular one.

Round Pools for large spaces

If you own a big home with a huge area, you must build a circular pool because it’s easy to cover them for maintenance. If you have kids in your home, this enclosed pool can be perfect for them as the pools remain clean from dust and insects.


A pool in your home is not only a place for great fun and entertainment during the weekends. One can arrange birthday parties during the summer season. Swimming is a low-impact exercise to keep fit and healthy. Go for one of the designs mentioned above and hire a swimming pool builder around your home location.