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Redecorating Home on a Budget

Are you tired of your constant routine and the same things in your life?

While we can’t do much about the constant routine but we can change the ‘same things’ part.

You can give your home a makeover! Sounds expensive? Well, you can do it on a budget too.


Here is a step by step guide to how you can make simple elevating changes in your home by Soundproof Zone.

1. Change the flooring

Gone are the days when marbles tiles used to be chic. In this decade it is all about the hardwood. But they can be quiet expensive to install and not to mention they aren’t much reliable. A better option would be Nucore flooring. The best part about this flooring is that it looks and feels like hardwood but is a tough vinyl layer that is rigid, firm and doesn’t get damaged by water. Also, you can install it all by yourself and you won’t even have to remove the existing floor tiles.

These tiles can be installed in any room and make that room look luxurious.

2. Change the cloth

Now a lot of parts of our home have cloth and simply changing that can make a big difference. For instance, you can get new bedding, curtains, and slipcovers. Some changes in the textiles of your home can be in the form of bright colors, pastel colors, or design fabric that can give an instant refreshed look to your home.

3. Wallpapers

If you are tired of the same walls and paint seems a hassle then you can put wallpapers. They come in different colors, patterns, and designs. However, doing the whole four-walls of the room with wallpapers can be a bit expensive. Hence, we suggest you make one wall of your room as the ‘feature wall’ on which you put wallpaper that blends with the other three walls.

It doesn’t sound like it much difference but it will be significant – rest assured!

4. Paint

If you’re in the mood to put in some time and effort then painting the walls is the best way to refurbish your home without too much spending. Now instead of just going for paint rolled on to a wall. You can be artistic, you can do different effects

  • Striping the walls: Put tape on the wall making different sections, now you can roll off the paint with different or contrasting shades in each section.
  • Ombre effect: If you’re feeling ambitious then you can give your walls an Ombre effect. You will first have to paint the whole wall a light color followed by a darker shade on the 1/3 of the bottom/top of the wall. The Ombre effect is best achieved by doing it on the length of the wall rather than width.

These are only two effects but you can search for more. You can even paint other surfaces of your home like cabinets and furniture.

Remember don’t be overambitious and only attempt to do those which you know are 100% achievable for you.

5. Add some artwork

Now adding artwork does not mean that you spend 100s and 100s of dollars in a gallery. You can also have some unique artwork in your home by spending less the $50.

Let us explain how!

One way can be by buying posters and framing them up. If you don’t like any then simply Google websites that offer you high-quality pictures. Once you find the one that you love to get it color printed and frame it up.

A tip: You can get some great dupes of paintings by well-known artists.

6. Second-hand furniture

There must be a craigslist, thrift stores, or reuse center in your area. If you haven’t visited one yet then this is the perfect time to do so. Sometimes people end up getting great ancient wooden pieces that are sophisticated and with a bit of work on them they will look flawless and add charm to your house. The best part, they will be a fraction of the retail price and you don’t have to necessarily tell your guest how much the urbane piece of furniture cost you.

Redecorating home on a budget can be a little tiring as it requires a lot of work. But once you have achieved it the feeling of ownership will be worth all the work and time put into it.