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Popular Window Types For Bringing More Natural Light to Your Space

Many people adore sunshine, especially when a lot of natural light comes into their rooms and makes life feel better. The advantages of daylight are crucial in case you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Natural light improves mood, efficiency and helps to avoid symptoms of depression. But how to get more sunshine coming into your space? 

We have done the research and found out that getting new Ecoline windows and doors will help to significantly increase the amount of natural light you have in your house. 

However, with so much variety of window styles, it is necessary to know how to choose the right one for your house in case you want to get more sunshine. Interested? Keep reading.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are the top choice for natural light since they go with a clear and unobstructed glass area. This window is fixed, meaning you cannot open it, so if you want to install it in a room with no need for much ventilation, the picture style is your go-to option. These windows are the best decision if you only wish for more natural sunlight and nothing else.

If you are curious about the best place in the house to install picture windows, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms can benefit a lot from the full functionality of this window style. You can wake up or take a bath with a beautiful and clear view outside.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are considered the best window styles for your residence rooms that allow footpaths, patio areas, and great views outside. Basically, sliders (or gliders) are made of at least one window gliding through a sash with another being fixed. 

Thanks to their design with a huge glass area, sliders allow a lot of natural light and fresh air. They’re smooth and easy to operate, so anyone in your home, even kids, will have no issues with opening/closing the windows. The comfortable and modern design will perfectly fit any contemporary residence in Canada.

Casement Windows

While all window styles are great and serve different purposes and exteriors, there is one that every Canadian homeowner loves. Casement Windows. These units are large, great-looking and unobstructed, making them a pleasure to apply for any style and design. Casements are, so to say, a middle ground if you are looking for replacement windows.

Casements are similar to double-hung windows in terms of design. The difference lies in that they are taller than they are wide. The usual construction for casement windows is the uncomplicated push and open design. A hand crank is used to open and close the window while acting as the window lock as well.

Thanks to their flexibility, you can fit these windows almost anywhere you want them. The key recommendation here is to use this window style for hard-to-reach areas like over kitchen sinks, countertops, and bedrooms. Casements offer superior ventilation and bring a lot of sunlight to your area, making them perfect for any Canadian residence.

Popular Window Styles for More Daylight: Prices Breakdown

While getting new windows is a great idea and definitely a perfect investment into your house and its look, this venture might be pricey for some homeowners. Windows are considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime investment, so it goes without saying that quality units will cost you a lot. The table below will give you a general understanding of the typical price range for the windows discussed above.

Location Casement Slider Picture
Basement $535 – $1,022 $394 – $1057 $315 – $1518
Bathroom $446 – $1,032 $394 – $1033 $388 – $1242
Bedroom $444 – $1193 $437 – $1521 $226 – $2324
Bonus room $676 – $1134 $820 – $1248 $420 – $2305
Dining room $550 – $1348 $669 – $1957 $316 – $2072
Family room $605 – $1999 $490 – $1131 $354 – $2661
Foyer $858 – $1999 $465 – $778 $338 – $1552
Front $583 – $1014 $785 – $968 $359 – $2933
Garage n\a $391 – $1085 $334 – $1536
Kitchen $329 – $1356 $394 – $1595 $202 – $2179
Living room $484 – $1614 $433 – $2327 $226 – $2898
Master bedroom $545 – $1304 $452 – $1810 $335 – $2370
Nook $549 – $1149 $658 – $1142 $337 – $2440

Go with a Vinyl Frame for Your New Windows

Great! Now you know about the best window styles and their prices for bringing additional daylight into your house. But what next? Now it is time to select a frame for your new windows and make sure the installation is done correctly. But first things first. Window frame. Which one to choose? Today, you may come across a wide variety of choices – wood, aluminum, fibreglass, composite and vinyl. But to be honest with you, we have to admit that the Vinyl frame is the best one and comes as a middle ground when you need a durable material but on budget. Here are the key reasons why to go with vinyl frames:

  • Superb Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows are excellent when it comes to thermal performance in your house. If you want your home to stay warmer in winter and cooler in the summer periods, vinyl windows are your go-to alternative.

  • Ultimate Durability

Vinyl is a long-lasting material, so you do not need to worry about any issues for the next 20 years at least, even with low maintenance.

  • Does not require much maintenance

If you decided to go with vinyl windows, you would be pleasantly surprised that there’s very little maintenance required. A bit of soap water will make your vinyl frames look their best if they get dirty. Moreover, the painting does not frequently fade (like with wood frames).

Go with a Professional Installation

If you read till this point and consider replacing your old windows, you should also know that getting the correct installation is super important. DIY does not work here, so you need to find a reliable window company with a fair quote and get them to do the job. When choosing your future, installers make sure they:

  • Follow CSA and local building codes;
  • Offer only Energy Star-rated, and NAFS-11 tested units;
  • Have impeccable reputation and vast experience;
  • Offer a decent warranty.

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