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8 Top Things To Do In The McLaren Vale Region This Summer

Just 45 minutes from Adelaide, Australia, is the birthplace of South Australian Wine, McLaren Vale. This makes it quite obvious that when you want to spend your day back in McLaren, it just cannot be complete without wine.

McLaren Vale Wineries by Wine Regions Australia are some of the best in the whole world along with first-class restaurants who use only the best local produce. But that’s not it. Let us take you through the things you can do during your stay at the McLaren Vale.

1. The Willunga Farmer’s Market

With urbanization rapidly increasing, most of us aren’t lucky enough to buy pastured eggs, homemade jams, honey, veggies, and fruits straight from the farms.

With real artisans around, and the groceries so fresh, the idea of plucking fruits straight from the fields seems heavenly. Isn’t it a once in a lifetime experience? McLaren Vale offers you with the same opportunity at their very own, and renowned Willunga Farmer’s Market.

2. Visit Romeo’s McLaren Foodland

Probably this is all you ever wanted, but never knew you did! Yes, McLaren Vale has its own fairly like Foodland, with everything you will ever need.

While it has quite exotic delicacies when it comes to satisfying your taste buds, me being a cheese lover, the cheese room is my personal favorite. What also brought me to a surprise was this place has a sushi bar as well, with a chef as the bartender!

3. The d’Arenberg Cube

As a kid, you never visited Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but always wished you did, right? While this place is nothing similar to that, but the amusement and adrenaline it is going to bring in the wine lovers are quite similar.

The best part? You don’t really need wine to have an enriched experience, the architecture and furniture in this place is worth dying for.

4. The Shiraz Trail

We did speak of the Willunga Market, but did we talk about how to get there? Nope. The best way to get to the amazing vineyards is either by bike, foot, or even Horseback through the Shiraz Trail, which is 9km long and is child friendly.

The view here with vineyards and majestic gums is breathtaking. Tourists, as well as the people living there, spend their weekends at the Willunga Farmer’s market.

5. Order your favorite Pizza at Pizzateca

Don’t we all love pizza? Even for the handful of those who don’t, they should once try a Pizza at Pizzateca. The pizzas here are made of homemade dough, scattered and plunged, stretched, flipped and baked right in front of you. Interesting, isn’t it? But more than interesting its delicious.

6. Fleurieu Arthouse

if you never fell for a piece of art, you haven’t seen the right art. Everyone who appreciates art, values it, and dons it, needs to visit the Fleurieu Arthouse, a gallery, which on a weekly basis invites ten local artists, who present their best pieces of work for the visitors.

The art here doesn’t just consist of paintings, but pottery, scriptures, and various other forms of art.

7. The Wirra Wirra

It would spectacularly fly in front of your eyes, land, and finally cut in a splat, for you to feed upon. What are we talking about? A melon. That’s right, all of that would be done just by a melon, for you to satisfy, both your eyes as well as hunger.

8. The Groove, for you to move

The Groove Garden opens every Sunday Afternoon, sees no difference in kids or adults, or even seniors, and they all come under the same place for dance, in the infectious vibes this place has to offer.

With a cold beer in hand and a food menu that is always changing, you will remember this place for a lifetime.

Of course, wine is a global favorite at McLaren Vale, but as we said above, there is a lot more hidden in this beautiful 30km long coastline. Trust me, this is a one time opportunity to explore this amazing place, do not miss even a single place from this list!