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5 Pub Event Ideas To Attract New Customers And Improve Sales

The rise and fall in the number of pubs in a particular region is an ongoing process, but it is your responsibility to make timely additions and upgrades to yours. 

Since the customers get attracted through various elements, like food, drinks and the overall vibe of the place, systematic segregation of all these departments is necessary so that you can work on them one at a time. For instance, you can start with food as it is the prime department that attracts most of the customers and then slowly work your way down to the decor. 

Additionally, you need to establish a brand for yourself and make sure it reflects in your pub. 

One way to go about it is to get custom beer mat printing that can lay on the counter and remind the customer, every once in a while, of the place they are in. The drinking glasses, similarly, can have the pub’s brand name printed on them. 

In a similar fashion, during the lows of your business, you can sportingly introduce some events which will attract both the old and new customers, eventually improving the sales of your business. With trial-and-error methods, you can make some of these events a permanent thing!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some pub event ideas to attract new customers and improve sales.

1. Open Mic Nights

Open mic nights are a two-way benefit kind of an event because they will attract the talent as well as the people appreciating it. It is also cheap and easy to set up as long as you have a tiny stage and PA system. 

Moreover, given that the scope of diverse crowds is limitless, this can widen the appeal of your pub. Who knows? You might attract a celebrity casting director looking out for fresh talent.

2. Pub takeovers

The local businesses can take over your premises for a day or two to provide variety to your customers. After all, encouraging small or closer-to-large businesses will benefit you as well as them in the process. 

If you want, you can always collaborate with a local vineyard for a wine tasting event at your pub. You can invite different artisans from the bakers’ section to set up a mini food market at your pub too.

3. Quiz Nights

Quiz nights at a pub is a classic event, and for a good reason – it has been standing strong for many years to entertain people of all ages. 

The set-up costs are almost nothing, all you need is a quiz master and some engaging questions. Through this event, you can create an atmosphere filled with competition, keeping the customers on their toes. 

Team quizzes or individual quizzes will also attract new participants as well as an audience for the night. Your sales are bound to go up!

4. Special Occasions

Standardise a particular way of celebration for every occasion. After this, encourage and train the workers at your pub to follow the standard celebration for respective occasions. 

You can play around with the decor on Halloween, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. You can also introduce specialities in the drinking and food menu according to these events. These additions to the event will show that your business is active and provides the perfect atmosphere of celebration for people looking to enjoy these holidays.

5. Games Night

Mid-week evenings often need some refreshment. This means, engagement in board games, party games or anything else is only going to attract the working class. In fact, one successful game night will keep the customers coming back for more every week. 

Add to that, the set-up for this event is quite simple and the manpower is next to nothing. So a plus-plus for everyone!

To Sum Up

One successful event is what you need to get that ball rolling! If you host these events at your pub, you are sure to have diverse crowds and new customers. 

Since this list of ideas is made with keeping the setup requirements for each event to a minimum, you won’t have to break the bank. Moreover, hosting these events will not only bring in new customers but also increase the efficiency of the workers of the pub.

Tune the type of event which suits the theme of your pub, available resources and the likes and dislikes of the customers – and enjoy more foot traffic and improve your sales in no time!

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