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5 Great Birthday Gifts for Your Trendy Friend

At the beginning of the year, there are so many birthdays ahead of us, and if birthdays are special to our friends, we have to make them special and unforgettable. Thinking about what to get as a surprise can be a challenge, especially if your friends are really cool and have all the nicest things already. If you bought perfume, how would you know they like it? If they’ve done spa treatments before, would it feel unique? Well, the good news is getting a memorable present for your fashionable friend doesn’t have to be hard or expensive either. Here are a few ideas for gifts as you plan for your friend’s epic birthday present.

Coffee Table Book

Trendy and fashionable people love having a super stylish coffee table gracing their table tops. Not only does it look really great if your friend is into interior decor, but it’s also actually a great read. To pick the right coffee table, think about what they are interested in, is it rock music or fashion? From there you can look into what they might like and surprise them with a great little addition to their home collection.

Vaping Kit

If your friend is trying to switch from smoking, an e-cigarette kit is a great gift to get them. If you actually get them the whole kit, they won’t have to worry about getting the various things they need to start vaping. And if they are really trendy, you can get them something with a really cool design or color. In the kit you can also include different flavors of vape juice so they can figure out which one they like. You can easily research and buy vape kits and vape juice online.

A Customized Make-Up Experience

If your friend is really into beauty, it would be really cool to have the A-List experience of having a glam squad making you look amazing for an event. Most shops offer this service with the purchase of a product, so they can get some goodies and a glam squad experience all at once. The great thing is many beauty shops offer this service, so to set it up, all you need to do is go to the shop your pal likes and get a voucher for them.

A Photo Shoot

As much as we all take photos with our smartphones, nothing beats having a professional photo taken and how special that experience makes us feel. This doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money either. Consider getting in touch with photography students in the area because they might want to add some work to their portfolio. You would still have to pay them, but it would be a lot less than a professional photographer who’s been working for years. An interesting take on a photo shoot is a boudoir photography. If your friend has been struggling to feel confident, you can give them a voucher for this. It’s more private and more intimate, and many women say it helps them feel empowered.

A Tattoo Voucher

If your friend is into getting inked, helping them get a tattoo can be a really great gift. You can get them a gift voucher with a tattoo artist they like. Then they can decide on the design they like, and it can really feel like an experience for them. This is probably the most memorable gift there is out there because it’s permanent.

Nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to buy presents that stand out because we’re all on social media and have heard about so many ideas already. If we have a friend with a huge birthday coming up, we can pull out all the stops and do something really memorable for them. By the time your friend’s birthday comes, they will have an experience that shows how much you cherish them and how important it is to celebrate them.