Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Where Can Your Computer Science Degree Take You?

The current boom in the tech industry has brought about some really lucrative career opportunities in the IT sector in San Francisco. The knowledge of computer science is no longer limited to high profile jobs in Silicon Valley companies. In fact, the increasing application of computer science in all fields has ensured that all types of companies are now hiring computer graduates. And top firms in San Francisco don’t hesitate in paying good figures to graduates that have relevant skills. That’s why it’s not very surprising to see so many computer and network programmers these days.

Today a computer science degree is valued in all fields from research and programming to leadership and marketing. And while there is no dearth of programmers in the market, their demand is still high. If you too are a computer science degree-holder, a world of opportunities is open for you! All you have to do is go ahead and grab it!

Jobs with Programming

Obviously, with a degree in computer science, your first options for a career are jobs with programming, networking, and IT development. Programming is fun if you have a knack for logic and enjoy solving problems. Studying computer science gives you a lot of technical and non-technical skills along with regular programming knowledge. It trains you to think logically and keep looking for potential improvements. And nowadays employers in San Francisco and all over the world consider these skills quite valuable. The increasing scope of computer science means you have plenty of choices in programming and data jobs in San Francisco. These may range from regular programming jobs to IT-relevant jobs in other sectors.

However, the best applications for your degree would be in jobs like software programming, games and mobile apps development, web designer, UI/UX designer, database administrator, etc. Other fields with data analysis related work like systems analyst, IT analyst, system tester, IT consultant, multimedia programmer, etc. can also be a good fit for you.

Jobs without Programming

Programming and networking is all about coding, debugging, and using logic to solve problems. You should have a knack for identifying problems and using logic to find creative solutions. While most computer science majors are well-versed in this area, not all enjoy their work. If you too are among those who are looking for alternatives to programming, don’t lose hope yet. There’s a wide range of career options available in San Francisco that involve little (or no) coding or programming. For example, you can try your luck at project manager, product manager, business analyst, data analyst, software testing, technical writing, or IT support specialist positions. Other interesting options include SEO specialists, web analytics specialists, tech support, etc. These jobs utilize your technical skills in a different way which makes the work more interesting.

While all the above mentioned careers are the preferred route for computer science majors, they are not your only options. You can also implement your knowledge in other fields like teaching, journalism, law, management, etc. After all, having a satisfying career is all about doing what you truly want!

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