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Why Study in Perth: Top 6 Reasons

Studying abroad is an important decision in the life of each person. Among the large number of options available, Australia is a very good choice for traveling, studying and even working. There you will find institutions of great international prestige, well-designed study programs, high teaching standards, an advanced teaching and research infrastructure and modern facilities that will allow you to obtain excellent professional training recognized worldwide.

Within Australia, Perth is an interesting destination for students. This city is located in the west of Australia, being the capital of the state of Western Australia. Its large population makes it the fourth largest city in the country , however life there is calm and safe, with plenty of activities to do.

However, this is not the only reason for studying in Perth. There are many other reasons why students at home and abroad choose to study in Perth.

Reason 1. Ideal climate

The weather in Perth is ideal. It could be said that it has the best climate of all cities in Australia because it is a more Mediterranean climate. This means that most of the year is warm and sunny. In other words, Perth has more sunny days a year than any other Australian city .

The rains are more abundant between May and September. February is usually the hottest month of the year, with an average temperature of 31℃. Winters are relatively cold and humid, but brief with daytime temperatures ranging from 18℃ to 21℃. Due to the long summers, many of the activities in Perth are outdoors. Virtually any time of year is suitable for admiring the landscapes, doing outdoor activities or resting on its sandy beaches.

Reason 2. Lifestyle

Perth stands out for the luminosity of its blue sky that provides 9 hours a day of light. Not surprisingly, it is Australia’s sunniest capital , with an enviable outdoor lifestyle. There are lots of parks and green areas , numerous routes for walking and trails for biking, plus several sports facilities . Its incredible beaches are not far behind, they are a great attraction and a paradise for surfers, as well as its cafes, parks, shopping areas and its spectacular Swann River.

Reason 3. Outstanding universities & institutions

In Perth, there are some excellent universities and other institutions, such as The University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, etc. These universities and institutions in Perth not only provide high-quality education for students, but also greatly promote the social aspect of student life. Universities tend to be more campus than city and there are a large number of student associations that organize various events throughout the year. It is a city that encourages the development of activities, where boredom will be the last thing you do.

Reason 4. The Cost of Living

Life in Perth is expensive, but at the same time, wages are quite high. We include the cost of living as reason number 4 since the cost of living in Perth is lower than other cities in Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

Reason 5. Job Opportunities

During the 1990s, there was a mining boom in Perth which contributed to the city’s economy, making it one of the richest cities in Australia. This event contributed to Perth offering many opportunities to study and work. Did you know that the Australian government allows international students to study and work part time?

Reason 6. Australian Culture

Australia is an English-speaking country. So in this city you can practice your English in all everyday situations and make many Australian friends while immersing yourself in the culture and traditional customs of this country.

In the end

These are the main reasons for studying in Perth. Are you interested in this city and do you want to study abroad in Perth now? If you want, then you can make preparations for your plan. In the preparation, you can use CatEight to ease the whole process. It will assist you to find courses, schools, agents and apply for courses and student visa with ease.