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Lab-Grown Diamonds: An Affordable Alternative to Natural Stones

Rare Carat rings shouldn’t cost the earth when they don’t have to. This marketplace really is the best place to buy lab-grown diamonds that are affordable and offer great value. But why are these Rare Carat diamonds so much cheaper than mined stones, and are they worth it?

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds That Much Cheaper than Mined Diamonds?

The value of lab-created diamonds can be significantly lower than with stones from diamond mines. Typically, this is anywhere between 40 to 60% less than natural stones. This jump in price becomes even more significant when comparing some of the high-end stones on the market. There is still greater value placed on a flawless mined stone because of its rarity and origin than on a flawless diamond from a laboratory.

Why Are Lab-Grown Stones Cheaper Than Mined Stones?

The value of these diamonds comes down to two important factors.

– The stigma over synthetic diamonds

– Supply and demand

Attitudes towards lab-created diamonds are changing, but there is still a sense that these stones aren’t of the same quality or as desirable as mined stones. This myth is perpetuated by the notion that lab diamonds aren’t real. This stems from the synthetic nature of their creation in artificial conditions. They are generated on demand in lab conditions from seed.

However, the natural origin of the carbon seed, the authentic conditions, and the crystallization of the stone all lead to a real diamond. Physically, there is no difference between these and mined stones, which is why they are placed under the same guidelines for grading and valuation.

The other factor is supply and demand, which will always create a chasm of price difference. Lab-grown stones are sustainable and easy to produce as needed in a matter of weeks. Because they aren’t that hard to get a hold of by comparison, they aren’t as pricey as the mined diamonds. Furthermore, the finite nature of mined stones means they will only get rarer, and prices will rise. 

Does This Make Lab-Grown Diamonds A Bad Investment?

There are pros and cons to lab-grown diamonds when it comes to long-term investments. The lower costs and greater supply of these stones do mean that they have a lower value compared with the mined alternatives. There has also been a steady decline in resale value recently. So, anyone looking to get a good deal and sell on at a profit may be better off with mined or antique stones.

However, there is an upside to investing in a more ethical and sustainable product for future generations. Grandchildren inheriting diamonds in decades to come may not be as comfortable with mined stones as they are with these sustainable eco-friendly alternatives.

The Benefits Of Cheaper Lab-grown Diamonds For Consumers

The lower cost of these lab-grown stones is great for consumers because it makes diamond shopping more accessible. With mined stones, the most high-end products are only available to those with massive salaries or those willing to go into debt. The 40-60% price reduction on lab diamonds means that stones of similar quality are more affordable on tighter budgets. Therefore, more couples can get the Rare Carat rings of their dreams. There isn’t the pressure to downgrade from an eye-clean VVS1 stone to an SI1 stone or to go for something with imperfect geometry to save some money.

Finding Even Better Diamond Deals Online With Rare Carat.

Rare Carat is the best place to buy lab-grown diamonds because not only is there a vast choice of cuts, colors, and more, they are more affordable. Switching to lab diamonds is just the start for a better deal. A Rare Carat diamond acquired with the wholesaler approach cuts costs further by cutting out the middlemen. Buyers can search for diamonds by adjusting the sliders to stay well within budget. They then get full gemologist reports on all matched stones to help them make that final choice.

It is no wonder that Rare Carat has a 4.9/5 satisfaction rating with so many buyers raving about the great deal they got. They start with the bargain of the high-end lower priced lab diamonds and then get that extra saving on top. This really is the most affordable and accessible way to purchase diamonds today.