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Record-Breaking Online Sale: $2.5M Diamond Sparks Excitement in Jewelry

Are you looking for a perfect diamond that will mesmerize your loved ones? Look no further than Rare Carat. But before then, you need to know what to look for. While most people consider things like price when purchasing an item, purchasing a diamond has much more than that, as Mark, the buyer of the USD 2.5M, asserts. You could be on the hunt for a diamond for many reasons, including a replacement or for your upcoming engagement. In this article, you’ll learn the secret to buying the perfect diamond so that when you start your search, you get one befitting your preferences. Remember, diamonds, whether lab-grown or natural are expensive. Therefore, you must do all you can not to waste your money on a purchase.

Tips To Help You Find the Perfect Diamond

The 4 Cs

This is probably the most important thing to familiarize yourself with. The 4 Cs represent Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat Weight. These are the main factors that determine the diamond’s quality.


How well do a diamond’s facets interact with light? If a diamond is well cut, it will have better brilliance and sparkle. Thus, you should look for cuts graded “Ideal” or “Excellent” for round stones and “Very Good” or “Excellent” for fancy-shaped diamonds.


Diamond color grade ranges from Colorless (D) to brown or light yellow (Z). color grades between D and H provide more brilliance.


This refers to external or internal flaws, also called inclusions in a diamond. You want a diamond with zero or slight inclusions mostly marked SI1 (Slightly Included)

Carat Weight

This is a measure of diamond size. However, when choosing the carat weight, you should consider your preference and budget.


You should always buy a certified diamond, as this is the only way to know you are purchasing a quality stone. Reputed gemological laboratories like the AGS and GIA grade the diamonds based on their color, clarity, carat weight, and cuts. Every quality diamond on sale has a certificate that verifies its authenticity. You also can use the diamond certificate number to search and compare prices on different platforms. Research by Dr. Katja Seim found that the same diamond could have a 12% to 21% higher average price depending on the platform or retailer.

Setting and Metal

A diamond’s setting can enhance its security and appearance. It also can influence the diamond’s price if you buy it as a replacement. For instance, the setting could have been designed to fit 1.5 carats, but you only can afford a 0.8-carat diamond. This means you might have to replace even the setting. If you are purchasing a gem to replace your ring, ensure you carefully inspect the different¬†images of rings¬†on a platform to arrive at one which fits the ring setting.

Budget and Shape

As Explained above, diamonds aren’t cheap. Thus, you must set a budget before you hunt for a diamond. Since they are priced differently, having a budget can help you focus on options within your range. Choose a diamond that meets your preferences. Diamonds are cut in different shapes, such as emerald, princess, oval, and more, and each has a specific setting that fits well. Unfortunately, retailers and dealers can exploit your ignorance and sell you an overpriced diamond. To avoid this, use Rare Carat, a platform that uses algorithms to value diamonds based on size, clarity, quality, or cut. Because diamonds from a supplier can be sold at different prices across different platforms, you can rely on Rare Carat to make price comparisons to help you arrive at an affordable one.

Consider Alternatives

The price of lab-grown diamonds will continue rising, and for a good reason, there are no more deposits. If a mined diamond stretches your budget, you should explore lab-grown ones. These synthetic stones have the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds. However, they are more affordable and don’t have ethical issues associated with mined stones.

The Success of Rare Carat: A Case Study

Using platforms like Rare Carat has proved a useful secret to buying the perfect diamond. In October 2022, the most expensive online diamond sale happened when a 59-year-old Midwest businessman purchased a stone for USD 2.5M. The stone was a rare, brilliant, and flawless 21-carat round-shaped diamond. Donald Palmieri, a Master Gemologist, did the gem’s appraisal. However, the buyer claimed to have saved about USD 700,000 by purchasing the diamond from Rare Carat. This shows that you can purchase quality diamonds online with proper research and market comparisons. With online Jewelry sales increasing significantly, people must use platforms such as Rare Carat to compare prices, settings, and cuts, among other aspects. Remember, a diamond isn’t just an adornment for specialized occasions but an investment.

Choose the Perfect Stone

While a perfect diamond is subjective and depends on a person’s preferences and priorities, understanding the above tips can go a long way in helping you shop wisely to choose a diamond that suits your budget and taste. Ensure the stone has no inclusions and is well cut along its facets, within your budget, and fits the setting. You could always go with lab-grown diamonds if you cannot afford a natural one. Remember, researching is the secret to buying the perfect diamond, and Rare Carat has got you covered.