Monday, April 19, 2021

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5 Proven Tips for Cultivating Positive Habits

It is said that change is the law of nature. And yet, even the smallest and simplest of changes in our regular life is so difficult to accept. What is even more difficult is trying to bring about a change in our lifestyle or habits. Many of us often wish to make some changes in our surroundings or ourselves that are for the better, and yet we often fail in doing so. This is either because we are afraid of the change or inconsistent in maintaining the change. The most important thing for cultivating any habit is to want and accept the change. If you too are hoping to cultivate a positive habit but can’t make it stick, you’re in the right place. Here are five proven tips that can certainly help you get your act together and really make a change in your life.

Pick Fortifying Habits

Cultivating habits becomes easier when you are motivated and inspired. It is better to pick habits that bring about a positive change for you. This will make you want the change and hence want to cultivate the said habit. Moreover, knowing the positive benefits can also help you stay motivated to achieve your goal. Find things that motivate you to take actions towards reaching your goals. Interact with people who inspire you, read inspiring books or listen to motivational podcasts to help you stay focused.

Set Goals and Make Schedules

Once you decide to cultivate a certain habit you will need to make a plan of action. Take things one step at a time as it takes time to form a habit. Give yourself long-term and short-term goals towards a habit you want to cultivate. Write them down to remind yourself and keep it in a place that you can easily access. Another important thing is to make a schedule every day. Schedules can help you plan each day so that you don’t waste your time in unimportant things and learn to prioritize. Try to stay ahead of your schedule as this can motivate you to do even better.

Keep a Track of Your Progress

Simply setting goals and making schedules is not enough, you should also keep track of your progress. Change is a slow process. Tracking your progress will make you accountable to your goals and habits. It will help you realize if you’re going on the right path and if you need to put in more efforts or change anything. You can keep a blackboard in your bedroom or keep a physical journal logging your entries. However, an easier way to track your habits is to keep an online habit tracker like a gratitude journal or something similar.

Keep a Positive Attitude

When you already have a plan of action and a daily schedule to follow, what can go wrong? Many things, actually! There will be days when you are way ahead of your schedule and days when you lag behind badly. When facing bad days, don’t give up! Losing hope gets you nowhere. Instead try to motivate yourself and keep a positive attitude. Meet people who can support and encourage you. It is important to stay positive and work hard to bring about the change you want.

Stay Focused and Committed

There will be moments when you want to give up or just let go of your habit for a few days. Don’t fall into that trap! This type of thinking can make you lose focus and fail. When facing distractions, take out your goal plan and look at it to remind yourself of your goals. If you’re really motivated to cultivate the habit, you will need to stay committed to your plan and focused on your goals.

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