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The Perfect Indoor and Outdoor LED Screens

Marketing and communications is a vital part of any business. Regardless of it being a department store, a hotel, a supermarket or a public institution, all entities need advertisement of different kinds. There is the written type of communication in the shape of newsletters and mail listings, there are blogs, social media accounts and more. Then there is also the visual kind, i.e. billboards, videos and in this case, LED screens for both indoor and outdoor use. Each have a different purpose but the overall aim is the same. To reach your specific target audience with the message you want to convey. A bank for instance might want to make use of an indoor LED screen to alert its customers of an upcoming savings campaign and correspondingly if a major shopping mall needs to reach its customers with a message saying there is sale coming up, then an outdoor LED screen is the perfect solution. Visual LED provides both options. If you are in the market for indoor and outdoor LED screens, Visualled is the place to visit.

Outdoor LED advertisement screens

As mentioned, the target group in search of outdoor LED screens are usually business and corporations, shopping malls and public institutions. The objective is to attract new potential customers and an outdoor LED billboard screen is the perfect option for introducing your company, especially in large spaces with crowded environments. Place it on the outside of a building or in the middle of a crowed area, both occasions call for something grand that will catch your eye and make you interested in whatever the company advertising has for sale. As static advertisement doesn’t have the same impact on the general public as it used to have and seeing as we are bombarded with a large quantity of information from different sources all the time, what does catch our attention needs to be bold. As market studies have found that outdoor advertisement is very effective, much more so than traditional options, outdoor LED screens are a cost-effective way to make sure you optimize your chance at a great return on your investments. An outdoor LED screen can display videos as well and can be placed in any open-air area due to its modular assembling system. This is further important as outdoor LED screens need to be able to withstand any environmental conditions such as heat and snow. The screen must also be bright enough to be seen even in daylight, a crucial feature of any outdoor LED screen. It is also important that the LED screen is energy efficient as well as easy to assemble and fairly easy to manoeuvre. All of these features and more may be found in the outdoor LED screens at Visual LED.

Indoor LED advertisement screens

Correspondingly there are businesses in more need of an indoor LED advertisement screen. Here the target customers are most likely shops and stores, healthcare and beauty centres, the hotel industry and banks. Again, the aim is to attract whichever costumer group is the intended target audience by using for instance an indoor LED screen in the window of your establishment. Such a LED screen may have multiple purposes and serve as an interior design element to show promotional videos as well. It has been proven that an indoor LED screen is a very effective tool when it comes to outstanding competitors for the attention of their audience due to its size and brightness. Part of their versatility lies in the ability to place the LED screen in any part of the business facilities. Similar to the outdoor LED screen, the indoor LED screen is just as easy to assemble, perhaps even easier due to the simple installation process, which you can complete without the assistance of professionals. When visiting Visual LED online there is even tutorial as to how to go about it, all completed in three easy steps.

It is advisable to use very small pixel pitches when working with an indoor LED advertisement screen due to its proximity to people. These types of LED screens are not for instance water proof like the outdoor LED screens and therefore care needs to be taken as to where they are placed. As Visual LED offer customized LED solutions it is possible to find the perfect indoor LED advertisement screen for your needs and answers to any questions you might have in terms of assembly, manoeuvring and maintenance.

Find your perfect LED screen today

If you need a solid solution to your advertisement needs, whether it be for indoor or outdoor purposes, Visual LED can offer customized alternatives. It is possible to find LED screens with the perfect features for attracting your preferred target audience and the options provided by Visual LED are easy to assemble, cost-effective and a great way to promote your business.

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