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Things to Know If You Ever Meet a Car Accident

Car crashes can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere in spite of being the safest driver. There are several safe driving things to know like tips to avoid driving hypnosis and many others to help prevent accidents. Accidents are likely to happen especially in busy cities and being informed will help delay one but one could happen without it being your fault. So, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is – do not panic!
As a party to a crash, there are quite a few responsibilities that you have. So, keeping cool is necessary. And even if your vehicle is considered totaled, you can get a good value for your it from car wreckers porirua.

Some simple things to know when you are involved in a crash.

At the scene

No matter what’s the extent of damage, being part of a car crash is distressing and taxing. However, try to stay cool and follow the simple steps given below.

  • In case your vehicle crashes into another object or car, stop immediately and switch on the hazard lights.
  • Before moving out of the car, first check if it is safe or not. And once you can exit carefully, examine the other vehicle to check if anyone else at the scene needs any immediate help. Call emergency if required.
  • It’s your responsibility to stay at the scene of the accident and wait for the emergency service to arrive. You need not call the police for a minor incident.
  • However, you can do it if you feel the need as there’s no harm in having a legal accident report.
  • When the accident is minor and you can move the car from the location of the incident, move them out of the traffic flow to ensure smooth flow of traffic. And in case you cannot move the vehicles, do not forget to keep the hazard lights on and stay off the road at a place which is safe.
  • Many a times, out of guilt, we tend to take the blame on us. But, a sensible move is to stay out of any responsibility or liability. Even if the crash is your fault, stay quite till the incident is analyzed. Try to limit your conversation with the other parties.
  • Collect as much details as you can from the other parties who are involved in the accident. In case there’s any witness, take their details as you may need to contact them during the claim process.

Important things you need to know

Drivers involved in the accident are by law supposed to declare their name and address. In case they deny to, you can:

  • Ask for the complete details which include the full name, address, phone numbers and email addresses of all the parties involved in the incident.
  • Note down the other car’s registration number, the details of the vehicle’s make and model and the details of the other parties’ car insurers.
  • Document the intricacies such as date, and time of the crash, location and everything else that you can recall about the accident. If you can draw the sketch of the street along with street names and mention position of the vehicles involved, it might help you during the settlement process. With the availability of smart phones, an easier way out s to take pictures of the scene including the vehicles.
  • But, asking for driver’s license’s photo or any other personal information not pertaining to the incident can be viewed as in infringement of privacy.

After the accident

Call your car’s insurance company’s emergency claim number from the location itself. Sometimes the police officer at the location can provide the minute details that the insurance companies require.

The insurance agent will help you to make the claim and he will guide you in the required documents. If your insurance company has an app, initiate the process through it or you can also visit their website. For filing an insurance claim you will need to have detailed information of the accident and details of the other parties involved in the accident.

In case your car is not in a drivable condition, insurance company, or police will make arrangements for it from the accident’s spot. If it considered as unrepairable, your insurer will write it off or declare it as totaled. In that case contact car wreckers lower Hutt.

Stay calm and be prepared for any unwanted scenario on the roads.