Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Smart Vaccine Fridge Improves Patient Care

Vaccines save many lives but some people still do not get this form of protection. In order to protect more people from diseases, clinicians require a more effective and easier way of storing vaccines and inventory management. Every vaccine is expensive and fragile and to avoid loss vaccines should be stored properly between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. Refrigerators used by clinicians for commercial purposes gives imprecise temperature control and they are unable to make use of standard refrigerators in remote areas since they need electrical power which is reliable. Since stocking and access to the vaccine are manual, it leads to inventory errors and loss due to theft and spoilage. In order to minimize all these challenges, smart vaccine fridge is used since it provides automated control which is supported by the cloud and internet of things. Individuals’ access and stock vaccines via a small drawer which is on the front side of the fridge. The design prevents vaccines from a change of temperature by reducing the influx from outside air and warmth.

Reducing financial loses for clinicians

The vaccine fridges help the clinician to minimize financial loses it ensures the vaccines are stored at the right temperature. Clinicians ensure that the vaccines stored earlier the first to be administered to customers to avoid giving the expired vaccine to patients thus preventing loss due to spoilage. Also, staffs get a notification via text or email when the temperature of Smart vaccine fridges changes so that it can be serviced automatically to avoid spoilage. This appliance allows a real-time view of inventory information and an event log that indicates when vaccines were dispensed and stocked and by whom.

High availability and support

Even if there is the cloud or electrical outage smart fridge still works as usual. If the connection to Azure is lost due to network problems the real-time processes which are taken care of on the windows surface device are not affected.Therefore it can still dispense and accept incoming inventory and all information is set to Azure when available. Also, a smart fridge operates on DC power that implies that the unit can operate on electricity coming from Power Company or from a battery backup. Clinicians from areas with unstable power can use the smart fridge to dispense and store vaccines. These fridges are small enough and hence they are potable.

Improving vaccine supply chain and patient health

New services are developed by companies for clinicians such as, it can come up with BI which shows usage of the vaccine over a period so as to predict the rising demand. When clinicians run out of vaccines unexpectedly he or she can get notified if there is a physician office nearby that has a surplus of the vaccines needed thus improving the supply chain from distributors and manufacturers.

Thus improving patient safety and health by making sure they are vaccinated against diseases. Therefore Smart vaccine fridges are crucial in offering the best services to patients.


Therefore smart fridge is a good idea of how companies should speed the digital transformation by making use of smart remedies to improve the efficiency and quality of control of their staffs and managing inventory automation

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