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What Label Design is and Why Your Business Needs It

You probably don’t think a whole lot about the labels on food products when you visit the grocery store, or on clothing at your favorite department store. But these labels serve an important purpose, and businesses in the wholesale industry use them regularly. Furthermore, most of these businesses design their own labels, and you can too with the tools that are available today.

What You Need To Get Started

Before you start actually getting into the graphics and numbers when you print labels, you’ll want to plan them out first. You’ll want to have your own logo on the labels, and you may need to hire a graphic designer to create one. You will also want to create an organized plan for the numbers your product labels will have. Those numbers could represent product groups, your store number, storage location, vendor numbers, shipment ID and a lot of other information. You may also want to look into trademarks and parents to make sure you retain full ownership of your labels and designs and avoid legal trouble.

Once you have your labeling plan down, you’ll need to get the equipment to print the labels. This is typically a computer connected to a label printer, but some label printers are WiFi enabled and can have labels printed directly from a mobile device. A label printer usually isn’t too expensive, depending on its size and printing material requirements, but you should do your research on the printer brand you buy.

Using Design Software

Once you’re ready to start printing labels, you just need to select the right label design software. Labeling software can come in a variety of packages from simple design, to more complex advanced design interfaces for more technically savvy users. The software could also be purchased as a standalone application that you won’t need any upgrades for, or that can be used as is; or it could be part of a whole business software suite that could benefit your business. The bottom line is there’s a lot of other options to consider for your design software beyond just the user interface and the overall price.

Other Considerations For Labels

Along with the overall design and number data on labels, you should consider unique identifiers including barcodes. These features can help you scan your products into stock or at checkout lines, and even allow customers to ensure their authenticity. Specific barcodes like QR codes have certain invisible data coded into them to prevent counterfeiters from hijacking your products and infiltrating the market.

Basically, label creation and use is the foundation to keeping track of your products as well as giving your business more legitimacy by having labels on products. Good labeling software will allow you to quickly print and place labels on your products and get them in circulation. If you’re unsure which software to use, you can usually try out certain systems for free for a short period, or you can look at other perks that come with the software.