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What is the different of JA Henckels vs Wusthof

Knives are very useful for our kitchen and no kitchen can be thought of without one. There are different knife brands available in the market. Among them, JA Henckels and Washthof are two popular bands for making good, sharp, and awesome knives. You may get confused to choose a knife from these two best brands as both make quality knives. But don’t worry. 

In this article, I will give you a proper idea about the knives of these 2 companies. Moreover, I will give differentiator information and data between the JA Henckels and Wusthof knives. My differentiator points will be based on the edge angle, blade hardness, durability, working performances, sharpness, designs and materials, price, and so on. Let’s see the difference between JA Henckels vs Wusthof.

4 Major Points – What is the difference between JA Henckels vs Wusthof

We research and find 4 major differentiator points between the two knife brands. Hope you will find it useful. 

1. Edge Blade:

The edge of the Wusthof knife is sharper than the other one. Because in the case of Wusthof there is a 14-degree angle per slide where JA Henckels has a 15-degree angle.

2. Blade Hardness:

Wusthof’s blade steel is harder than the blade of Henckels. The hardness of JA Henckels is HRC 57 but the hardness of Wusthof is HRC 58. For this reason, the edge of the Wusthof remains longer. 

As the blade of JA Henckels is not much harder, the durability of the blade is higher.

3. Design and Material of Handle:

The design and material used in the knives of these 2 brands are not the same also. So, you may feel the differences while holding the 2 knives. You will find more comfort with JA Henckels’s knives. It gives you a better feel just because of the gentle curve near the butt of this knife. So, you can easily hold this knife and it won’t slip much. Thus, it will give you a better working experience. Here, quality plastic is used to make this handle.

On the other hand, the handles of the knives of Wusthof have a distinct curve which is different from JA Henckels. And, it also creates little discomfort to hold on. The material of the handle of Wusthof is pom.

From the above discussion, we can tell that JA Henckels provides a smoother handle. So, one should use JA Henckels knife sets for performing your work with comfort.

4. Price:

Everyone has their own budget to buy a tool. Moreover, most often people buy based on the price. JA Henckels and Wsthoff knives are priced differently from each other.

The price of an 8 inches knife Wusthof is around 160 bucks. On the other hand, JA Henkels has given the price of 8 inches knife at 150 bucks.


The designs and specifications of the knives of JA Henckels and Osthoffs are more or less alike. So, finding the differences between the knives of the two brands is not easy. I think you can easily find the differences between the knives from reading our point mentioned above. Thus, you can choose the perfect knife for your kitchen.

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