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Why Is Moving To Florida Always The Right Choice?

Even Californians Are Headed To Florida Now

Florida is currently the sixth most popular state in the country. California is ranked at 36, and Wyoming at 42. Number one is Arizona, but there’s a reason for that: retirement. So it’s important to realize that the current map of the United States indicating popular states to live, has to do with per capita people’s movements and age.

Arizona has a smaller population than most states, so those moving there “per capita” will represent a greater percentage, even if more people have moved to other states that are more populous, and are represented by a lower percentage.

That said: people want to retire somewhere they can afford, and which has many nice amenities. Also, they want a solid community that’s reliable. So many at retirement age choose Arizona. Many others don’t. However, when it comes to fine beaches, endless sunshine, and affordability, Florida beats Arizona hands down.

Many young people from California are moving to Florida. Granted, you’ve got fifty states to choose from if you’re looking for a new place to live in America. But if you really want to find a place that’s got it all, Florida could be your best bet. Dining, outdoor activities, weather, community, and affordability all define this state.

The Weather Is Great Year-Round

Yes, Florida gets hot, but there’s always a beach nearby, or a lake—though be careful; there are gators in this state. That said, in the coldest months, it generally stays above sixty degrees but for a handful of days. The only real negative defining Florida weather is the humidity. It’s so humid down there, you can almost chew the air—but that’s good for the skin.

Beaches Are Nearby Even If You’re In The State’s Center

Whether you’re in the east, west, or center of the state, you’ve got easy access to varying beaches. The state’s center is about eighty miles from the coast’s widest point, which is one-hundred and sixty miles. Accordingly, at the state’s widest point, you’ll never be more than two hours from the coast even if traffic is a bit slow.

North to south, the state is fairly large; you’re looking at a five hundred mile trek, and that can get both expensive and time consuming. But east to west, you’ll never be more than a few hours from either the gulf or the east coast.

The Cost Of Living Is Low Even In The Bigger Cities

Florida’s living costs aren’t the lowest in the country, but they’re lower than some of the country’s most desirable locations. The key is finding affordable areas of the state. Kissimmee and Tampa Bay are known to be quite affordable. What you’ll want to do is weigh the benefits of varying areas you’re considering, and compare them to your budget.

Housing Costs Out Of The Larger Cities Are Quite Affordable

You might find both value and property costs are reduced in a way that’s relatively comprehensive, should you move to Florida. What would be a million dollars in New York City or Los Angeles—or even several million—can be acquired for around $100k in many districts of Florida; and the climate is better year round than either area.

Granted, it does get hot and muggy. However, when you’re saving 90% on a new home compared to other regions of the country, you can certainly afford to install central heating and air conditioning as necessary.

Finding Your New Home In Florida: The Sunshine State

Housing and living costs, beach proximity, sunshine—these are just a few of the key reasons many move to Florida, and find they absolutely love it. The only real downside of Florida is the humidity. If you’ve never been to Florida, you should vacation there and look at some of the properties.

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