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Top 5 Bonsai Trees for Home Garden That Are Easy to Grow

Living in the city keeps us detached from nature and its refreshing effect. The act of managing a home garden is a smart way we can keep our surroundings rejuvenated. These days, having a bonsai tree in your garden, balcony or living room works as a natural decorative element. The demand for bonsai trees has increased in the past couple of years due to its vibrant presence and air purification abilities.

Bringing a bonsai home is like establishing a part of nature in your house without spending much. For beginners, who are willing to grow bonsai trees in their home garden, there are certain bonsai species which can prove ideal. Below mentioned are the top five bonsai trees you can quickly grow in your house without much hassle.

Baby Jade Bonsai

The aura of Jade plants is amusing and having a Baby Jade adds onto the gorgeousness of your home garden. Jade is a smart choice for a Bonsai plant as it does not require frequent watering. Baby Jade bonsai can store sufficient amounts of water within its leaves, thereby, not troubling the owners when it comes to planting care.

The tiny leaves and sturdy structure of Baby Jade is one of the striking features that enhance its popularity among avid gardeners.

Radermachera Bonsai Tree

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Radermachera bonsai or China Doll is primarily found in the subtropical regions of Taiwan and Southern China. The natural habitat for this bonsai variety includes optimal growing circumstances. For instance, the Radermachera bonsai can grow as tall as 90′ considering it receives sufficient sunlight, watering and planned-nutrition in the form of fertilizers. The glossy, green-coloured leaflets together with fragrant white or yellow flowers are quite fascinating.

The spring season is the best time of the year when Radermachera bonsai exhibits its vibrant and blossomed nature. You can buy this plant easily by searching for bonsai plants online services in your city.

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

Chinese Elm Bonsai is another good option for amateur home gardeners. It is the perfect example of a traditional bonsai tree which we usually see in movies. The Chinese Elm is an adaptable variety since it can thrive both indoors and outdoors. Most people prefer buying this species of bonsai for its shape and dramatic foliage.

During the summer season, the Chinese Elm tree should be kept at a place which receives sufficient sunlight. However, the plant requires dormancy when the cold weather starts to kick in.

Azalea Bonsai Tree

The most surprising aspect of Azalea bonsai is its fabulous flowers. They blossom during May & June and are available in different shapes, sizes, and colours. You can make a note that Kurume and Satsuki azaleas are categorized as evergreen shrubs that are usually transformed into Bonsais.

Azaleas survive when carefully positioned at a bright, sunny spot. However, during the hot summer days, it is advisable to let the plant rest in a slightly shaded corner. Moreover, it would help if you protected Azaleas from the hot sun and rain during their flowering season. Mature azaleas are capable of withstanding frost but need additional protection when the temperature falls below -5° C.

Pepper Bonsai Tree

The most attractive aspect of Pepper bonsai or Chinese Pepper is its semi-glossy, evergreen leaves that are always shining throughout the year. This bonsai species has twiggy branches and can be easily grown in your home garden. The Chinese Pepper requires less maintenance but should be watered timely and kept away from heat sources.

This bonsai variety prefers a well-lighted corner which receives indirect sunlight. You can even plan a shaded greenhouse to safeguard most of your Bonsais during the colder season. If there is no sufficient light, the Chinese Pepper will develop weak foliage leading to several more problems. You can prefer this lovely bonsai tree for your home, garden or office space.

You can always visit a nearby nursery to select the best easy-to-grow bonsai plants for your home garden. The above-mentioned bonsai species have supreme qualities in terms of looks and adaptability based on both indoor and outdoor spaces. People also prefer buying indoor bonsai plants since they get to access a quality collection delivered at home without much worry. It is recommended to check the authenticity of such websites before you make a purchase.