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7 Bridal Makeup Hacks Every Bride Should Know

Your wedding is one of those days that come once in a lifetime. That’s why, when you are preparing yourself as a bride, you need to make sure that you have the best makeup. However, the blushing bride look cannot be achieved in a single day.

You need to devote a day or two for your beauty regimen before you can see the results. In case you are wondering, here are some pointers to help you look perfect on your special day.

#1: Primer & Oil Free

Try to stay oil-free, especially if you have oily skin. Excessive skin oil can create pimples, which would be harder to hide using makeup. In this case, you can keep blotting tissues handy. This will help you to get rid of the excess oil on your face.

Moreover, you can also apply a layer of primer before you move out. This will help you cover the pores and make you sweat less. Don’t forget to remove the primer once you move home. Trying a face wash would definitely be handy.

#2: Use Airbrush Makeup

If you don’t want to try doing your bridal makeup at home, you should practice it beforehand. After all, you wouldn’t want to mess it up on your special day. This is why you should also try using the airbrush makeup technique. The best airbrush makeup helps you look natural and blends all the different levels of your makeup together, giving you a perfect look.

#3: Foundation then Concealer

Want to make sure that you cover up all the dark circles and zits? Well, you need to apply the foundation first and then the concealer. When you use the foundation, it will cover all the necessary imperfections. And then, you can dab on the concealer on the required parts only. This will not only look natural but also help you save your concealer.

#4: Look Like A Blushing Bride

If you want to make your blush look natural, try smiling first. Once you smile, apply the blush with upward strokes. If you have dimples, make sure to cover them too.

#5: Focus on Your Eyes

On your wedding day, your eyes should stand out. So your eye makeup should be something you should focus on literally. That means taking care of your eye – shadows, your eyeliner, and even your eyebrows. To make your eyelashes look bulky, try using fake eyelashes. Additionally, make sure you curve the eyelashes before you apply your eyeliner.

In case you make a mistake while applying your eye – shadow uses an earbud to wipe off the top layer. This way, you’d be able to preserve the concealer and the foundation below. Remember to use waterproof makeup for your special day, as there might be tears.

#6: The Soft Pout

Every bride pouts for her wedding selfie, and you need to have a defined cupid’s bow for that. So, the first step towards having pouty lips is outlining your lips. And then fill them in using the same lip pencil. After that apply a layer of lipstick in the same shade. This will blend the lip colors and will make your lips look full.

#7: Carry A Makeup Kit

While this might not seem like an ideal solution, it is an intelligent one. You don’t want to make your makeup look imperfect. So, in case you eat something or even there’s a problem, do a bit of touchup and you are covered.

Your makeup kit should contain the bare essentials like lipstick, translucent powder, bloating tissue and earbuds. The earbuds will help you touch up the foundation if you want to make sure that it’s good.

Additionally, you can also carry some concealer for special purposes. Remember the makeup kit should fit in your purse or the handbag that you are carrying, so keep it minimum.

Bonus Tip!

When you are trying to look special for your wedding day, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that includes oil – free food. It might cause indigestion and discomfort on your special day, which you should avoid. Also, if you are preparing yourself without any professional help try planning the look first. This will help you to visualize it. Searching online for a similar look, and looking for tutorials is a good option.

Final Words

Your bridal makeup would accentuate your beauty, so don’t try to change your natural looks. Also, be careful of any allergies you might have to makeup or different ingredients. This will save you from unnecessary hassle.