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Why Vegan Purse Should Replace Animal Leather Purses

Vegan purses are different from our usual animal leather purses. The vegan purse is a new style trend made using animal-free products, unlike the animal leather purse. The vegan purse is produced using economically friendly products like cotton and fibres.

A vegan purse doesn’t sacrifice quality or style for eco-friendliness—designers use different materials in their purses, such as leather alternatives like microfiber, vinyl, and plastics.

Vegan purse options are easy to find online or local boutiques and department stores. Many designers have jumped on the vegan purse bandwagon because they realise that consumers want to look good while helping out Mother Earth at the same time.

Leather takes a long time to make, about six months for calfskin and up to three years for buffalo hide. It also takes a lot of energy to make it into the finished product—leather purses, and jackets use more energy than any other clothing product.

So, why should you buy a vegan purse instead of an animal leather purse?


  • Animal cruelty is one of the main reasons to buy vegan handbags. Dogs and cats are kept in tiny cages for days without food or water so that their hides can be used for leather products. This is just one of many examples of animal cruelty that you may have supported in buying your leather goods.
  • The production of leather goods is also harmful to the environment; cows are methane machines, and they require grazing land that could be put to more efficient use by humans. If you want to help reduce animal cruelty and protect the environment, consider switching to vegan purse options instead of buying your next leather handbag.
  • Vegan purses are made from synthetic material, and they are designed so that they look like animal leather purses or even look better than them! They also come in various styles–from small clutches to large handbags. You can choose the one that suits you best, knowing that you are helping animals by not buying a real leather bag!
  • Vegan purses are friendlier to the environment than any purse, including animal-leather ones. They also last a lot longer because they’re stronger than animal-leather purses. Vegan purses don’t use any chemicals like tanning agents usually used to produce animal leathers.
  • They don’t get damaged by water or heat as animal-leather purses do. This is a bonus for those who live in areas where the weather is especially harsh during certain seasons. And to top it all off, vegan purses are a lot more affordable than the more expensive traditional animal leather ones.
  • A vegan purse doesn’t retain stains like animal leather bags; it is easier to clean and maintain because it can be washed or wiped down with a cloth, but the animal leather purse is difficult to clean without damaging it.
  • Vegan purses last longer than leather purses. They are generally much more durable and do not wear out as quickly. Perfumes, body oils, and water can easily damage leather purses, but vegans can stand all those.
  • Vegan purses are much lighter and easy to carry than leather purses. Many women don’t want their bags weighing them down even after stocking them up. She wants to be free to do other things, even in possession of her handbag or luggage.

The idea behind veganism relates to our love for animals. Animal leather bags have proven to be a unique fashion trend; if you love these animals, you won’t want to wear them because the more you do, the more they suffer. This is why vegan purse has become the new trend. People are becoming aware of the cruelty behind wearing a purse taken for an animal.