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Simple and Efficient Tips on How to Clean Your Bathroom

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Have you ever taken a bath in dirty bathroom with foam stains everywhere? I don’t need to tell you how it feels. Well, to me it feels disgusting. Even at that, does it really make sense taking your bath in a dirty bathroom? Not at all. You are cleaning your body and that should be done in a clean bathroom. For that reason, you are tied to clean your bathroom regularly. Cleaning your bathroom may not be as a usual task as you might think. You need to do appropriately and thoroughly. Nevertheless, below is a compiled list of simple supper tips help you perform a successful bathroom cleaning.

How to clean your bathroom

With consideration of what the various structures in your bathroom accommodate every day, they surely need a special kind of washing. Read on and see

Shower and Tub:

Shower and Tub
Keeping in mind what you put these two structures trough every day, a thorough cleaning should be done on them. All that Dirt deposits after you take your bath, if neglected, they dry-up to foam a layer that assaults the shinning surface of the tub and shower. You can imagine how a soap scum will look like after drying-up on the surface of your tub. For a good cleaning, you should consider the following steps.

  • Spray and wait: Before doing anything else, use a perfect all-purpose cleaner to spray the surfaces of your tub. You might consider sprinkling baking soda on the surfaces of the shower and the tub and then spray with hydrogen peroxide Wait for some minutes (At least 5 minutes). The waiting gives the cleanser to dissolve perfectly.
  • Scrubbing: In five minutes time the surfaces should be ready for scrubbing, the cleanser is now completely dissolved. Use a gentle scrubbing pad avoid damaging the surface. Do the scrubbing for about 10 minutes and ensure every single stain is removed.
  • Rinse with clean water: This step concludes the tub and shower cleaning. A shower head will work well for rinsing the tub. It cleans faster and perfectly. Make sure the tab is completely rinsed.

Fiberglass Showers and glass doors:

Fiberglass Showers and glass doors
As we all know, glass is a fragile material and requires careful handling. Their cleaning should be done using a non-abrasive cleaner like pine oil or baking soda. The washing should be done minus a scrubbing pad. This will help avoid possible scratch or even make the surfaces dull. For cloudy glass shower doors might consider using white vinegar. A full-strength vinegar, in that case, will work well for the cleaning. Commercial remover or even scale remover. Make sure skin protecting clothes for safetymatter

The toilet

  • The toilet: This is an important part of your bathroom. You will not really imagine how it would have been without a toilet. Just as it is important to us, it should be kept clean always. The ideas below will help keep it clean and inviting
  • Apply the cleaner: Just like it is when washing your tub, first and foremost, take your time and apply the toilet bowl cleaner into the bowl and let it perform its duties. Give it enough time to dissolve deposits and kill any available germs. Don’t be in rush. The cleaner can be granulated or liquid. Either of the two can work.
  • Brush the bowl: Of course, this is necessary. After the cleaner is completely dissolved, use a good bowl brush to scrub the entire bowl. Make sure the bristles are bristling. They work well when bristling. If the brush bristles flatten, it wise that you replace the brush with a new one. Curved toilet bowl brushes are recommended. They can reach even under the bowl rim and completely remove all possible deposits.
  • Scrub: This may be applied to stubborn stains. Sometimes the toilet bowl sometimes may develop stains that can’t be removed easily. This is where scrubbing comes in. A pumice stone will perfume the task perfectly and fast. Just scrub the stone directly against the stained area until the deposit is no more.
  • Apply a disinfectant: This is to kill germs. Mostly toilet bowls are prone to germs. For this reason, you are advised to spray the bowl, the lid, and the entire toilet structure and ensure no germs survive the spray whatsoever. Be careful with the recommended standing time. Confirm it from the label on the disinfectant to avoid unwanted wet exposure that may lead to underperformance.
  • Dry: Last and of course, not the least, dry up the toilet bowl with aclean piece of a dry soft cleaning cloth.

In summary, our toilets should be kept clean and inviting. This is for health and comfort purposes. Dirty bathrooms are unhealthy and uncomfortable to bath in. You already have the tips for a successful bathroom cleaning. Make sure you follow each and every tip and be the first to enjoy your visit to the bathroom every day. Mark you, not even a single tip should be ignored.