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The 7 Best Ways to Wear an Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

When most of us think about a lab-created engagement ring, we immediately imagine one made with a round-cut diamond. This is unsurprising when you consider that round is the most common shape, even for lab diamonds. And when you go to the store, you’ll typically see the widest variety in that shape.

However, emerald-cut lab diamonds are just as classic, if not more so. The emerald cut was invented for green emeralds back in the 1500s, which is what gives the cut its name. However, diamond cutters soon found that the same cut works well for the white gems, as well.

Since the Art Deco period a century ago, emerald-cut diamond rings have become very popular. Even many celebrities wear them for their timeless appeal.

Of course, you don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy an emerald-cut lab diamond engagement ring. Many designs feature understated elegance and smaller, more affordable stones. If anything, the lab-created engagement ring trend helps to save money or enable you to buy something bigger.

With that in mind, here are some great ways to wear emerald-cut diamonds in an engagement ring.


Solitaire engagement rings are timeless classics, no matter what diamond cut you choose. These feature a single diamond in the center of the ring. Despite not having any other diamonds, solitaire settings can be very fancy. For instance, Edwardian-style filigree designs are elegant and showcase the single diamond well. So if she loves detailed metalwork, consider getting her a solitaire with a fancy shank design.


A halo-style emerald cut lab diamond engagement ring features a large center diamond with small diamonds surrounding it. The surrounding diamonds are usually round-cut, though you can sometimes find other shapes too. One reason people love halo-style rings is that they can put a smaller center stone in the middle, and with the halo, it’ll look much larger. With emerald-cut lab diamonds, you get the mirror effect of the main diamond and then incredible fire in the halo gems. Together, they create a stunning look.


When it comes to the perfect emerald-cut lab diamond engagement ring, sometimes bolder is better. With a three-stone ring, you have three larger diamonds grouped together. Most examples of this style use a slightly larger stone in the center. You can choose three emerald-cut lab diamonds, or mix it up with different cuts on either side. Either way, it can produce spectacular results.


Nostalgia wins with a vintage-style lab-created engagement ring. This category covers any design with a vintage appeal. For instance, a copy of your grandmother’s antique ring or a sixties-style scrollwork design can qualify. We love the variety of styles that are considered vintage-inspired. Sometimes it’s as simple as choosing rose gold or something with milgrain detailing. Best of all, emerald-cut lab diamonds provide a modern twist on a classic look.


Emerald-cut lab diamonds look just as nice in contemporary designs as in vintage or classic ones. By definition, a “contemporary” design is one that’s newer than vintage. Although many engagement ring designs have been popular for many years, jewelry designers are always creating new versions. Choose something graceful, like diamond-studded vines and arches. Or, go with something that incorporates side stones with several different shapes. The possibilities are almost endless.

Side Stone

Just because you want more than one stone on your lab-created engagement ring doesn’t mean the other diamonds need to compete with the big one. With a side stone design, small stones are used to highlight the large center stone. Often, the side stones balance out a design, so the difference between the big stone and its shank is less stark. Of course, with emerald-cut lab diamonds, there’s an opportunity to add some sparkle on the side.

Split Shank

Who says you only need one line of metal for the ring shank? With a split shank, you get two lines close to the stone. In other words, the whole ring shank “splits” and connects at each long end of the center stone. This design is very effective with emerald-cut diamonds because it helps balance the design and draw attention to the center stone. Want more sparkle? Opt for split shank designs shanks featuring pave diamonds.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to sport an emerald cut lab diamond engagement ring. You can choose something very modern, classic, or vintage-inspired. No matter which style you choose, though, the use of lab diamonds helps control costs and sends a message that the environment matters. Remember that lab diamonds are optically, chemically and physically the same as earth-mined diamonds, but they are 100% conflict-free and can cost almost 30% less. So you get better value for your money without compromising on beauty or quality.