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The Differences Between CBD and THC: What You Should Know

Although CBD is already a trending topic today, many people are still in the dark when its effects and those of related cannabinoids such as THC are mentioned. People really want to know whether they will get high from taking any of the two or if the health benefits are similar.

Fortunately, a lot has been discovered through research about both CBD and THC, and what is needed is for the information to be compiled and made easily accessible to people. If you have the desire to understand more about these two, you are in the right place.

CBD Explained

It is a no-brainer that CBD is more popular than THC in today’s world. Most CBD is produced from the hemp plant although it is also found in the marijuana plant as well. It is extracted from the stalks, leaves, and flower buds, and each gives it slightly different qualities. According to researchers, using CBD from flower buds is the best practice.

In this case, you should check useful tips on a reliable website before buying them for home use. But one thing you should know is that whole CBD flowers from hemp or marijuana contain terpenes, THC, and other cannabinoids unless they are separated.

THC Explained

Both hemp and marijuana plants contain some amount of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Marijuana plants have a very large amount, which explains why there is a psychoactive effect when consumed. It is also the main reason why marijuana is used for recreational purposes. Some countries have banned the use of marijuana for leisure since consuming a lot of THC impairs decision-making and may have other side effects as well.

CBD and THC Have a Slight Difference in Chemical Structure

Although scientifically these two compounds have a similar molecular structure with 2 oxygen, 21 carbon, and 30 hydrogen atoms, their arrangement differs. They attach themselves in the same way in the endocannabinoid system of the body, but they cause different reactions.

This difference is greatly facilitated by the arrangement of their atoms.

Benefits of CBD and THC

When it comes to benefits, there are some differences between the two. CBD has numerous benefits, and research has shown how potent it is. CBD will deliver the following health benefits to your body.

  • Pain reduction – It works well in reducing any pain in the body by sending signals from the ECS to the brain and nervous system. Common types of pain treated by CBD include back pain, migraines, organ pain, and pain from chronic illnesses.
  • Inflammation reduction – CBD has an anti-inflammatory characteristic that enables it to deal with this issue in the body whether it is caused by illnesses, injury, or any other cause.
  • Anxiety and stress management – By now, you have probably heard that CBD is used to manage anxiety affecting people and animals alike. A number of medical research studies have backed this.
  • Improving sleep – Since it causes relaxation, pain relief, and reduction of anxiety, users will sleep better.
  • Management of various illnesses – Some studies have linked CBD to the management of cancer, seizures, and other illnesses.

On the other hand, there are some benefits associated with THC when used in moderation and under the prescription of a doctor. But it exhibits its benefits when used together with CBD. It improves mood and makes users feel happy. It also boosts the circulation of blood by increasing the heart rate.

The Bottom Line

CBD and THC are popular compounds in cannabis plants. But as you can see, one has very potent health benefits while the other is considered to have some adverse health effects. Hence, CBD is not as highly regulated as THC in many countries. Now that you know the major differences, it is time to choose what is best for your situation and health.

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