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Electricity and Electrical Equipment: How They’re Embedded In Every Sphere Of Life

Electricity and electrical equipment are embedded in every sphere of life. Electricians are skilled people who specialize in working with electrical equipment. Their specializations include designs, installations, maintenance, repairs, and removals of the different electrical fittings and devices. 

With advancements in technology, electrical devices are no longer limited to a few types and usage. Instead, it requires dedicated expertise for a particular field and its related devices to manage them. 

There are two primary categories for any electrician – Outside electricians or Linemen and Inside electricians or Wiremen. The best level 2 electricians can manage much more complex works. Their works include setting up and maintenance of complex networks, including overhead and underground networks. 

Primary Types of Electricians 

  • Outside electricians (Linemen)

Outside electricians, as the name suggests, work in the outdoors and fields. Their work involves ensuring that electricity is distributed from the main source to the substations, from where they are distributed further. In addition, they also set up and maintain high-voltage electric utility transmission and distribution systems.

  • Inside electricians (Wiremen)

Inside electricians work with lower voltages and work with systems that work on those voltages. Further, such professionals are also skilled at setting up and maintaining the systems in industries, commercial areas, and homes. 

Based on Specializations

Electricians are also divided based on their area of specialization. This division is vital to follow to get the right man on the right job. When there is any electrical work, it is better to hire the best level 2 electricians. 

Let’s look at some of the key distinctions that are made among electricians related to the areas where they specialize:

  • Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians work in commercial areas like offices and other workplaces. Their work includes the design and installation of electronic devices and setting up the wiring of the building. Some firms hire contractual electricians, while larger ones have their dedicated teams. 

  • Industrial Electricians

Industrial electricians, like commercial electricians, work in commercial areas. But their commercial areas are large-scale plants, mills, and factories, and they specialize in tasks pertinent to industrial outlets. 

While some industrial electricians deal with complex machinery, others focus on lighting, security, and smaller devices.

  • Residential Electricians

These electricians work at homes and apartments and cater services related to safety and other needs of houses. Their work involves designing, installing, and maintaining devices used in security, air conditioning, lighting, and power backups.


  • Maintenance electricians

They specialize in the maintenance of different electronic devices, circuits, and networks. Their expertise works across all areas. Apart from maintenance, their jobs include testing and troubleshooting the machines to ensure if they are working properly

  • Automobile electricians

Automobiles have a system of their own that is unique, and that needs a separate set of skills. Automobile electricians have expert knowledge about the electrical components and systems which run an automobile. These systems are vital for their smooth functioning and regular proper maintenance and repairs when required. 

Depth of work

Based on the depth of work, electricians are divided into Level 1 and Level 2 electricians. 

Level 1 electricians focus on basic works like setting up poles and laying and joining cables. There are dedicated services that offer the best level 2 electricians at the distance of a phone call. 

Now You Know!

Before calling an electrician, it is important to know the nature and volume of the task on hand. Giving the electrician a wrong job will lead to poor outcomes. It is essential to know about the different types of an electrician to know who to call and when. 

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