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Where to Find the Best Beach Apartments in Barcelona

Home away from home

There are many reasons to travel to Barcelona. It is a beautiful vibrant city with stunning architecture, a rich cultural heritage and sites to keep you happily occupied for days on end. One of the most spectacular things about Barcelona though is the food scene. Most people know that Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and thus possesses magnificent examples of the famous Catalan cuisine. A heady mixture of traditional and modern makes for a spectacular fusion and many travel to this great city with the sole purpose of exploring as much of the food scene as possible. This is an adventure that can last for weeks if not months on end. Before arriving in the city though, finding a place to stay is imperative.

Staying somewhere as beautiful as the city itself will enhance the experience and make sure that you have a restful base to return to amidst all of the wonderful food tastings. Why not then try Barcelona Beach Apartments as offered by Lugaris? These luxury accommodations are located along the coastline and offers visitors a spectacular alternative to ordinary hotel options. This way, a visit in Barcelona will really feel like spending time in a home away from home.

Location, location, location

At it is possible to find luxury beach apartments right by the coastline in Barcelona. The Lugaris beach complex at the Paseo de Calvell is located just 200 meters from Poblenou beach and offers visitors alongside the closeness to the beach various facilities for sports as well as the possibility for leisure activities during the summer. Lugaris luxury beach apartments are perfect if you want to spend time close to the beach but also near enough to the city centre as to not have to trek too long when wanting a bit of a pulse. As such, this specific beach complex is also located close to many worthwhile excursions like the History Museum of Catalonia, the Barcelona Cathedral as well as the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar. All of the apartment complexes are fully equipped with all the modern appliances you may need as well as having a high comfort level. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone, as part of a couple, with a family or for business purposes with a colleague, Lugaris luxury beach apartments have something for everyone. If you are looking for the perfect accommodation for your Barcelona visit, Lugaris is the one-stop-shop for all your needs.

7 suggestions to get you started

If you have chosen to visit Barcelona for the purpose of immersing yourself in the incredible local cuisine, there are literally thousands of choices. Perhaps then a few suggestions can go a long way to get you started. Below is a list of 7 great options for restaurants to visit right now in Barcelona.

  1.  Agut – the great Catalan painters of the 20th century have created the backdrop for this restaurant offering authentic Catalan cuisine. Often hailed as one of the most consistent when it comes to quality and flavour.
  2.  Lasarte – with three Michelin stars, Lasarte will not disappoint even the pickiest of diners. Elegant and creative dishes with innovative aesthetic and incredible flavours.
  3.  Can Boneta – a family owned restaurant gone contemporary by introducing modern technology by way of cooking techniques. Try the famous Catalan dish of cod with ratatouille and you will not be disappointed.
  4.  Gresca – the head chef creates beautiful dishes with enormous creativity never once compromising with taste.
  5.  Tickets – join this spectacular show of different sections containing seafood, sweet treats and even some surprises.
  6.  Enoteca Paco Pérez – sample the marine haute cuisine and dine with Catalan cooking fundamentalists as well as enthusiastic foodies.
  7.  Disfrutar – imagination meets precision and the tasting menu is to die for.

These seven suggestion is nowhere near an exhaustive list of everything Barcelona has to offer when it comes to exquisite food. This is actually barely scratching the surface. It will provide you with a pretty good place to start though. Then it is up to you to further explore whatever track you choose, in Barcelona it is impossible to go wrong.

Luxury and comfort

Stay at one of Lugaris luxury beach apartment complexes and enjoy Barcelona while staying at this home away from home. The apartments have everything you need in in terms of comfort and you are free to explore Barcelona’s food scene, perhaps by visiting one of the suggestions mentioned here. They are a great place to start and will serve as inspiration for further exploration. Lugaris beach apartments is a great option when wanting to combine leisure and adventure in Barcelona, and once you have tried this way of living when travelling, it will be difficult to settle for anything else, and why should you?!

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