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More About Drums Thrones and The Different Types

Even as a drumming newbie you will soon figure out how essential your drum thrown really is. Since it is the base from where all your movements are supported and attaining leverage, an excellent drum throne makes it a lot more comfortable if you are playing for prolonged periods. Besides that, it makes a noticeable difference in the precision and speed of your drum playing itself, particularly with footwork. Unfortunately, many drummers settle for average seating, maybe to save money. Or maybe they have never had the chance to test a really good throne and are unaware of what they are missing out on. In this post we’ll be telling you a bit more about the benefits of a good drum stool and some of the types.

Should you buy budget drum thrones?

Since your top-of-the-line thrones are moderately inexpensive (about $250), we would honestly recommend not opting for a cheaper one, particularly since they are most probably a lot better than the one you presently have. Instead, invest in a really good throne and if you do not have the cash right away, save some money to get one. Your backside will thank you. You can visit for more information on the best drum thrones out there.

The benefits of investing in a premium drum throne

  • Quieter movement – those annoying pops and squeaks are eliminated which are usually what you hear with the cheaper chairs.
  • Advanced comfort – you will find it a lot easier to play through multi-hour sessions without having to get up for a break.
  • Better stability – your playing can instantly show a visible improvement, particularly in your footwork.
  • Improved back support –you will enjoy added comfort, plus it is crucial if you’re planning on continuing playing for years to come.

Drummer generally sit at their instrument for hours on end. If you bought a electronic drum set that had a drum throne, chances are good that you might wish to upgrade to one that offers more comfort. Here are some of the different types on the market that are popular, and with good reason.


This brand has become a popular choice and it is easy to see why. They have been making drum thrones since the eighties.


  • You have a great selection of colors for the cloth seat covers which helps with reducing sweat. You can also opt for vinyl seat covers, but they are more expensive.
  • The seats are available in different shapes (square, original, round, and hugger) and they can be retrofitted to most stands today.
  • They have gas shocks (everywhere except the manual spindle base) which provide additional bounce and comfort.
  • Matching backrests for stability and comfort.
  • You can buy replacement parts and extra accessories.

Pork pie percussion

These thrones are well-known for their comfort level and they come in great designs.


  • You have a selection between vinyl or cloth tops in various color choices.
  • The backrests can be bought and an additional cost.
  • All thrones have double-braced and Saturday tripod bases.


Gibraltar is infamous for excellent hardware, and the same goes for their drum thrones.


  • You get manual and hydraulic options.
  • Some models come with super feet to offer additional stability.
  • This brand has more throne choices than any other drum agency.
  • You have a choice between oversized, moto-style, and round seats.
  • They have beautiful designs.
  • You can buy backrests and accessories, including those that are specially made for them by Roc-n-Soc.

Split-style thrones

The ergo kinetic (split-style) drum thrones permit maximum freedom of movement, that can alleviate pelvic and tailbone discomfort as well as fatigue.

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