Monday, May 10, 2021

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The launch of by long-time, world-wide traveler, David Jones, is changing the way people plan and execute their next getaway.

The distinctive travel website steps out of normal boundaries and offers people a carefully-sourced and intricately put together online platform which covers all of their travel needs. Portrayed in the form of lists, the quality content on the website is created by travelers for travelers, allowing you to utilize an array of carefully assessed travel-related websites and resources all in one place.

The database comprises lists of reviewed and ranked topics for travelers to use; this includes lists of websites for hotel booking, cheap flights, car rentals, cruises, travel insurance, and learning local languages. goes one step above by also offering travelers a database on more unique topics such as how to travel with pets, hostel booking, camping sites, tour organizers, sites that help you navigate public transportation, and a list of the best current travel blogs so you can read real travel experiences in preparation for your own. TravelSites even lists websites on currency exchange rates, travel accessory stores, trip budgeters, weather sites, and other resources you may not have even realized you needed.

These lists allow users to quickly and efficiently identify the sources that will be useful to them based on their travel needs, maneuvering between the services that are offered and how it’s been ranked by fellow travelers. Bringing together all of these resources in one website has proven to be extremely useful in the travel industry, especially with additional cost-free features such as updated sourcing, ranking, and peer ratings. Travelers now find themselves spending more time actually traveling, rather than preparing for what may come.

TravelSites aims to set itself apart from general search engines, whose algorithms are often influenced by clever SEO marketing. Instead, the fast-growing enterprise manually assesses their website on a regular basis to ensure that travelers get up-to-date quality content that would never endanger their cyber security. Resources are updated daily on a single platform, while extra features such as search functionality and real-time site reviews really give TravelSites a cutting-edge over their competitors.

In addition to drastically cutting down the time it will now take to plan a vacation, TravelSites also aims to reduce expenses by offering their website and its infinite resources to the public at absolutely no cost. It will remain 100% free of fees so that travelers could efficiently plan their trip and explore the world without having to spend any additional money. The system is based on the contribution of fellow travelers, which TravelSites believes should be shared freely at all costs. With that state of mind, TravelSites has also decided to remain 100% ad free so that the content of the website is not influenced by monetary contributors in any shape or form.


TravelSites is the brainchild of David Jones, a web designer, web developer, and marketing specialist turned travel enthusiast. When planning his own worldly expeditions with his family and laptop beside him, he found himself all over the internet trying to find the help he needed. Whether it was something as simple as knowing how to say ‘hello’ in the local language or something as complicated as finding a luxury villa on a private island, it was difficult to find a dependable resource that he could trust. With the aim of uncomplicating travel as much as possible, David created TravelSites – a website which lists an array of categorized resources in order of rank and review.

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