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Top Rings That are Trending in 2019

A ring is a piece of jewellery that becomes a part of your personality. You may a few styles in rings. However; with time and changing trends, you may want to embrace what’s in vogue or is in trend. If you are thinking about what the popular ring trends of 2019 are or which patterns of rings you should buy to be in sync with the latest fashion, well, you should browse the following post. Whether it is precious stones, antique rings or eternity bands that you should buy to update your jewellery collection this season, well, if you wish to know more, continue reading!

  • Solitaire Rings:Whether we talk about gold rings for men or women, solitaire rings always remain in fashion. If you haven’t splurged in a solitaire ring until now, well, now is the time to do so. Having one in your collection will make you stand out in any crowd or gathering.
  • Stackable Rings: Stack rings will become your ideal dressy accessory as these stack rings in various patterns, and stone settings create oodles of drama on your fingers and add to your glamour quotient. This modern and glamorous pattern is here to stay!
  • Coloured Stone Rings: People are no longer fixated towards diamonds more and more people are opting for colourful options in diamonds as well as other gemstones. Sapphires, rubies, blue diamond, and other precious stones are making a comeback with a bang. These astounding and popping colours look splendid and offer a royal charm to the wearer.
  • Clustered Stone Rings: Unique clustered stone patterns are becoming a hot favourite amongst people around the world. There is no doubt that a single big diamond is something that looks splendid but precious stones arranged in a beautiful clustered setting add extra oomph to your style. You can pick and choose from a wide range of colours and patterns in this style.
  • Split Shank Rings: This modern design looks very futuristic and trendy. A single stone or bunch of stones is set in between two bands to lend a cool and chic look to the one wearing it. A must-have in your collection of rings if you like to stock up trendy and voguish jewellery, this is one style you should definitely pick!
  • Fancy-Shaped Stone Rings: If it is gold or platinum rings with a precious stone that you are eyeing to buy, go in for a fancy-shaped stone and not just conventional round one. These rings are sure help turning you into a true diva! You can go in for cushion-shaped, pear-shaped, or oval-shaped stones as these are creating buzz all around the world for their intricate designs and patterns.
  • Vintage Rings: Vintage rings have a quiet charm about them that may never go out of trend! Whether it is a statement piece of jewellery that you are looking for, a wedding ring or a gift for special someone you love, vintage rings are trendsetters and an option that charms women of all age groups.

Check out the latest trends on various online stores and grab your favourite style! Show off your trendsetting style – wear a dazzling ring that makes a standout addition to your jewellery collection.

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