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Guide to Buying Pre-owned Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are indeed something that some people may love. They are expensive to buy therefore some may consider getting a pre-owned one. If you are one of those individuals, it is important that you know what points to keep in mind so that you do not end up with something fake. The following guide aims to help you out here:

Different kinds of pre-owned watches

You need to know that different types of preowned watches are present. You can get modern watches which authorized dealers as well as retail boutiques may be selling. The watches are often still being made when you are buying them. Luxury watches lose some of their original retail value when you place them on your wrist. Getting a modern pre-owned watch will have its value as it may still be in good condition. It may even still be under the manufacturer’s warranty.

You can find watches which are not being produced or are discontinued altogether. A watch manufacture may update the watch model with some slight aesthetic difference. They may keep the same design but place an updated movement within the case. You can get these watches at a discount. They may be brand new and being sold as new old stock. 

Vintage watches are another type that you can find. These are the models which are often at least 30 years old. They will need more care. You need to know that they are rarer and their replacement parts will even be scarcer. 

Looking for the right watch

This is often a personal choice because there are many watches present in the market. If you do not know what you want, you should decide what features you want in it. 

You may know which one you want or you may want one that has certain mechanical features. Some people may be simply looking for a watch which looks a certain way. 

How pre-owned watches are valuated

There are many factors that are kept in mind here. If you know how the watch is valued, you can figure out whether the seller is charging the right price for it. 

A pre-owned watch is valuated when looking at the watches brand, age, condition, wear and tear upon the leather strap, specific model number, whether it is a limited-edition model, whether it is some collectible iconic model, etc. It may also be valuated concerning whether it has been worn, if it has received factory service, if it comes with original packaging, has the original papers, still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, etc. 

If you have decided that you want a second hand patek philippe watch for instance, you need to do your research when choosing the seller as well. It is important that you buy from someone who is reputable and whom you can trust. This can make you more confident in buying a second-hand watch from them. Spend time looking for the one that you want so that you do not end up wasting cash.