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6 Cosmetic Dental Problems That Lumineers Address

According to a Florida-based cosmetic dentist, great-looking teeth are indicators of good health. What’s more, healthy teeth create a positive impact on a person’s overall appearance, which is an essential factor when the goal is to leave a good impression on others, especially in the professional realm.

Currently, dental clinics offer a diverse suite of cosmetic dental procedures to choose from for anybody desiring beautiful and healthy teeth. Lumineers are among the most popular choices as they present effective solutions for a number of smile woes.

Listed below are six of the dental problems that Lumineers are the perfect solution for.

1. Broken or chipped teeth

Just like porcelain veneers, Lumineers can cover up the irregular shape and crack of a broken or chipped tooth.

But unlike veneers, Lumineers do not require for teeth to be filed down to a smaller shape and size before application to ensure the best fit. This is because Lumineers are made of much thinner material than veneers.

2. Discolored teeth

If professional dental whitening procedures cannot restore the original color of your teeth due to intrinsic discoloration (often because of an illness or injury), Lumineers can take care of that. The little shells can be made to match the original color of your teeth and achieve the most natural-looking and uniform hue.

In addition, with Lumineers, you do not have to worry about staining. So, drink coffee to wake you up every day and treat yourself to red wine to cap off the work day. The material will remain stain-resistant throughout the years.

3. Misshapen teeth

Nobody knows why some teeth grow out much smaller or bigger than others. One thing is for sure, though: They can affect your smile.

If you want to a lovelier and more uniform appearance to your teeth, again, Lumineers can achieve that for you. However, in this case, it may be necessary to adjust the size of your teeth to make the shape and size more balanced or even-looking. Do not fret because resizing the teeth to which the Lumineers will be attached does not hurt much, if at all.

4. Old dental work

Crowns and bridges can look funky over time; they become greyish or yellowish, which can give you a dated look. Lumineers can freshen up the appearance of many years-old dental work and create a more youthful smile.

5. Spaces or gaps between teeth

Gapped teeth may have contributed to the iconic status of Madonna, Elijah Wood, Michael Strahan, and Vanessa Paradis, but not everybody can rock the look. For people who do not want gaps between their teeth, Lumineers are the quickest solution to this problem.

These thin shells can quickly increase the size of the two teeth separated by a gap and bring them close to each other. No other work, such as teeth reshaping, has to be done. The Lumineers will simply be applied in order to close the gap.

6. Uneven or crooked teeth

If you have a couple of teeth that are not aligned with the rest, adding Lumineers to them is the easiest way to create a perfectly straight smile. This process will only take two sessions to complete; it certainly beats going through at least two years of wearing orthodontic braces.

Indeed, Lumineers are a fantastic cosmetic solution to different dental issues. So, if you wish to improve your smile, and you are experiencing any of the problems cited above, Lumineers should be your top consideration.

The cost may be substantial, but Lumineers are dental investments that you will not regret making. They do not only produce beautiful results fast, but they are worth every penny as well. Lumineers can last you up to 15 years (for some people, even longer) with proper care. And should you want them removed for whatever reason, you can easily do so because applying them did not alter the look of your original teeth.