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6 Trending Interiors for Luxury Yachts

Whether it’s a small yacht or a grand liner, interiors reflect the owners taste in smooth sailing. Yachts may differ in size but their interiors are as luxurious as they can get. Crystal chandeliers, ultra chic furnishings, and lacquered wood will make any boat look and feel lavish. 

Assembling the insides of yachts into the most resplendent residences that boast of marble bathrooms and sprawling dining rooms is a whole other field in residential interior designing. Beautiful tiered ceilings and hardwood floors along with amenities like boutique hotels are trending in yacht interiors.

We have put together some interior ideas that has caught our eyes on luxury yachts :

Neutral and Neat

Understated colors are so à la mode. A neutral color scheme with sophisticated furnishings and statement lighting fixtures in the dining or sitting area can create an overpowering luxurious feel.

Opt for beige, whites, creams for fabrics especially designed for yachts. Technological innovations in marine fabrics for boats are bleach-cleanable with inherent stain protection so you don’t have to worry about using light colors on every surface. These colors can make any space look bigger and brighter. 

Colors of the Ocean

An ultra light color scheme accented with aqua blue linings and creative nautical details. Attractive smart furnishings further promote the elegant aesthetic that masterfully mixes luxury and minimalist design solutions.

A combination of white and different shades of blue adapts well with your deep blue sea surroundings. It won’t seem like you are on a yacht but rather staying at a very expensive boutique hotel or apartment.

Warm and Homely

A gorgeous mix of traditional and modern styles. White interiors finished and accented with dark wooden floors and furnishings. White cabinetry allows to visually enhance rooms like the main seating room and kitchen.

It’s the latter that brings a bit of industrial aesthetic with modern stoves. A farmhouse sink makes for a very rustic accent that helps to amplify the contrast between the old and new. 


A mix of modern and high-tech design, but more aesthetic than functional. The very chic minimalist furnishings show interesting curvilinear shapes and ambient lighting accents certain lines reflecting in a glossy ceiling.

Designed in a light color scheme the interiors that feature rare darker accents look light and bright even with the window curtains closed.

Jade and Gold

An incredibly luxurious interior design. Besides the lavish living areas and sophisticated bedrooms, green mosaic tiled sauna outfitted with fiber optic lighting brings a different feel than the rest of the interiors.

A stainless steel chef’s kitchen is another amenity that gives a different vibe to the wood-clad hallways, captain’s deck, and even to an exercise room.

Functional and Practical

An interior full of sophisticated elegance. Glossy rounded surfaces give it an ultra modern look while the neutral color scheme and modern furnishings make for a fresh ambience.

Built-in lighting that has not only a functional purpose but also adds a color accent to the decor prevails over lighting fixtures. And while it’s a very boutique style interior, there are plenty of practical design solutions that could be incorporated into the decor.

Bottom line

There are incredible prints, colorful accents, and whimsical furniture pieces that could be installed to decorate your yacht. Numerous details constantly attract the eye and make for an incredible look that manages to stay functional and at times, even traditional. Make it an inspiring space to be in while you are on voyage.