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Taking Melatonin for Helping Your Sleep- Here’s What You Need to Know

A proper sleep at the night is one of the most crucial aspects of living a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. If you are struggling to sleep at night, chances are that you are going to opt for melatonin, in order to get more sleep. According to, 1.3% of the adults in the USA use melatonin. However, most people fail to understand that there is already a certain percentage of melatonin within their body. It is a hormone, which is released by the pineal gland of your body. The pineal is normally inactive during the day but as soon as the sun is going down, the pineal starts producing melatonin. This is an important reason as to why people start feeling sleepy after 9 p.m.

Given below is a list of the facts that you need to know about melatonin.

Melatonin cannot cure insomnia

It is true that melatonin supplements can be taken in order to treat the various sleep disorders, but it is definitely not going to cure insomnia. It can help in inducing sleep, but will not assist you to remain asleep. Melatonin supplement is primarily effective for the conditions like jet lag, controlled sleeping patterns for people who work in the night shifts, reduces or prevents problems of sleeping, which are associated with surgery, etc. However, it is suggested that you do not rely on it completely as it can have negative effects on the body.

Melatonin is not really harmful

Numerous people, who face difficulty with sleeping, prefer taking the melatonin supplement. The melatonin supplement does not require the approval stamp from FDA. This should not induce panic in you, because melatonin is safe. However, it is suggested that you avoid being dependent on the melatonin supplements for a long time period as it can cause various health issues. It is advised that a person who has a melatonin overdose, visit a doctor as early as possible.

No prescribed dosage

The melatonin supplement has not yet made it to the list of the prescribed medicines. Since it is not prescribed by the doctors, there are various ranges of doses available. You are not going to get a single recognized dose for the people who are suffering from the sleep phase disorder or insomnia. This is why when a person prefers to take melatonin supplements, he needs to consult with his physician and discuss the dosage first.

It is not safe during puberty

Melatonin is responsible for working on the various brain as well as body parts, which includes the pituitary glands and the hypothalamus, which play a significant role in the pubertal development of the individuals. This is why it is suggested that you consult with a physician before you are giving any melatonin supplement to your teenager.

It is not the sole solution

You need to understand that taking melatonin is not the only way of clearing your sleep disorders. You can also solve it in various other ways. An important solution of normalizing your sleeping patterns is maintaining the ideal sleep hygiene.


Before you opt for the melatonin supplements, it is important that you educate yourself about the various important aspects of melatonin. Ensure that you keep all the above things in mind before you start taking melatonin supplements.