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Everything You Need to Know About a Paint Sprayer

This article will give you fully important information about a helpful household item for painting – paint sprayer.

As a helpful technique which supports people in painting sector, paint sprayer is now being used widely around the world.

Nowadays, demand for owning a paint sprayer is getting higher. More and more people need to take a deep courtship about this useful product.

Don’t worry! This article will give you a detailed description about best paint spray gun and many practical experiences while using.
To get some key knowledge about a paint sprayer, first of all, you need to understand clearly about it.
And now, let’s jump into the first part:

Definition of paint sprayer

Paint sprayer is a painting tool which sprays an overcoating on a surface through a nozzle by air pressure from a pump.

It can make a perfect cover for the object from different kinds of paint such as matte paint, satin finish, varnish, ink, etc.

Paint sprayer even can give a sustainable cladding on rough surface and make better coverage. And the painting material from the sprayer can get into hard-to-reach positions.

Because the sprayer mashes the mixture of painting material into fine mist, the paint sprayer can function well in both interior and exterior objects.


For fluently operation and best performance with unique features, paint sprayer is equipped with important components:

  • Motor: Motor, which works by electric and supplies power for sprayer’s operation, is an indispensable component in a paint sprayer.
  • Pump: Pump or fluid section is a key component which pressurizes the painting material into adhesive painting mixture.
  • Drive-train: With the function of a transmission, drive-train transfers power throughout the system and supplies enough energy for operation.
  • Hose: From hose, the pressurized painting liquid is moved out of the sprayer to reach the gun and tip.
  • Gun: A main component which pushes the painting material into the air to reach the surface of the object.
  • Tip: Which controls both the amount of coming out fluid and the size of the spray-fan.
    Pressure control: including two popular kinds, electronic and mechanical, this component helps to control the pressure on the gun, tip and hose.
  • Intake and return tubes: where the sprayed painting material is drawn into and taken back to the bucket during the priming process at the pump.
  • Sprayed valve: a component controls the airflow in and out of the sprayer.
  • Manifold and gun filters: respectively are the first and the second lines inside the handle of the gun which help to avoid large particles and debris in painting material.
  • Chassis: It is an important part which links all components together, allows they work fluently and efficiently.


Paint sprayer makes the painting process more convenient and easier. However, if you are careless while using it, you can be stuck in troubles and dangers.

Because the paint sprayer works under a super-high pressure, it may bring you risks. For example, if your any part of the body, especially the finger gets too close or touches the tip, sprayed painting material can be injected into your skin. The toxin from the paint will spread out under the skin layer, causing dangerous effects for your skin.

Therefore, it’s necessary to take a preparation before using paint sprayer!


  • Wear protective gear: To protect your body from painting material, fumes and dangerous risks of using paint sprayer, you should wear protective clothes, gloves, face mask, and glasses with fully ventilated provision.
  • Do temperature check: The most suitable temperature for best performance of a paint sprayer is between 45-75 degrees. If it’s too hot, the painting material which is ejected from the gun will be dry so fast, and the painting cover will be not firm. In contrast, if it’s too cold, the blast from the gun will be more positive to clog.
  • Use sheets and drop cloths: Carefully cover other things or areas that you don’t plan to create coating by sheets or drop cloths (plastic sheets usually) to avoid sticking paint.
  • Move other things out of the painting area: To ensure your belongings and furnitures don’t have paint splatters, move your rug and other things out of the room.


  • Before starting the progress, always remember to keep stirring well the painting material to prevent clogs in the tip.
  • Before starting to spray the paint onto the surface, you must move the gun and keep it on straight and long strokes. Sprayer makes an even coating in a very short second by applying painting material too quickly. And this coating lasts mostly forever. You must move as fast as possible to brush out 2-3 feets of paint per second.
  • When you spray, you should just work with the areas you can easily reach. At the end of the reach, don’t try to angle the tip to continue to paint further.
  • The distance between the paint sprayer and the surface causes significant impact on the amount of applied paint material on the surface. Therefore, it’s important to hold the gun nozzle perpendicular with 10-12 inches from the surface. In case you keep the nozzle twice as near the surface, you must apply 4 times as much painting material.
  • Apply the second layer of paint on every painted position to avoid light areas and stripes.
  • Check and adjust the sprayer for the best pattern you want. If the pattern is blur or not clear enough, you can apply more than two layers of painting material.

Best ways to create a perfect cover

  • Prepare for the surface: the surface must be dry and super-clean before being sprayed.
    Choose suitable time for spraying: you should use paint sprayer in the sunny days, and should not spray in rainy and foggy days to make an even coating for the surface.
  • Choose suitable place for spraying: you should choose a place where limits dust and wind.
  • Choose suitable kind of paint: you should choose a perfect painting type which fits the kind of surface.
  • Choose suitable method and tools for painting.

Tips for preservation

  • Owning a paint sprayer but you don’t know how to clean and care, let take a look to this part, you will get useful tips for preservation of your technique!
  • Always keep paint sprayer dry, clean, away from water.
  • Keep tip and sprayed valve in clear condition.
  • Paint sprayer must always be kept clean and washed by the solvent after using.
  • Gun should be hung downward to avoid the risk that solvent soaks back into the gun, damages internal components.
  • Don’t let painting material stick on the handle of gun.
  • Nozzle must be disassembled from paint sprayer to clean. You should wash it in solvent and use a soft brush to remove the sticking paint on it.
  • Limit shock to avoid damages for paint sprayer.We collected the most important information about a ‘paint sprayer’ with the hope that you will have the best use and ways to protect this helpful painting technique!