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4 Types of Wedding Rings That Don’t Cost as Much as Diamonds

Wedding rings can be an expensive spend, especially when it comes to diamond rings. While yes, they have been the most popular choice when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, but they can take quite a bit out of your savings. A lot of couples are choosing not to splurge on a ring and instead use that money to travel or do other things. There are plenty of alternative metals that are flooding the markets because they don’t cost as much and they come in plenty of designs.

If you are the kind who doesn’t believe in splurging on diamonds and is getting ready to say ‘I do’, then here are 4 types of rings that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and would still express the love you want it to.


There was a time when silver was considered more precious than gold. Today, silver is more affordable than gold or platinum and is also an extremely popular choice for jewellery. In case of sterling silver, it is a mix of silver with copper or some other metal, to make it more durable. Silver jewellery is made of sterling silver because silver alone is too soft to be made into jewellery.

Sterling silver may be harder than pure silver but it is still softer than other metals, so it can get scratched quite easily. It is a popular choice for jewellery because it is affordable and comes in plenty of designs.


Steel is another affordable metal that is now gaining popularity for matching wedding rings in UK. It’s a strong, durable and shiny metal that comes in plenty of ring designs, if you’re looking for something unique and not expensive. Steel rings can be polished to give it different looks and designs. Don’t worry about steel rings catching rust, they are mixed with 10.5% chromium to prevent it from oxidation. They are very easy to clean and maintain.


Gone are the days when titanium was just used in industrial applications, there are plenty of titanium rings out in the market. Titanium rings make for a much more affordable metal when it comes to wedding rings. This one is especially suitable for men because they aren’t that used to wearing jewellery and titanium is really lightweight. It also has a very unique look compared to gold or platinum so if you want your ring to stand out, this is a great choice. This one is hypoallergenic because it doesn’t have any alloys so it’s a great pick for those who are allergic to certain metals.

The only drawback is that titanium rings cannot be resized so you have to be totally sure of the ring size when buying a titanium ring.


Tungsten is a silvery looking metal with amazing shine but it is four times harder than titanium. Tungsten is a pure metal and so it’s hypoallergenic, great for those who are allergic to certain kinds of metals. Tungsten rings also, cannot be resized so you have to be 100% sure of the ring size when you purchase a tungsten wedding ring. The best part about these rings is that they do not require too much care or maintenance so it’s easy to wear these rings.


When it comes to buying wedding rings, go for what you want and not for what people expect you to buy. It is usually expected that couples buy expensive diamond or platinum rings, but if you’d rather spend that money on other things in life, it’s perfectly alright to go ahead and buy cheaper metal rings. At the end of the day, happiness of the couple is what matters which is not defined by the number of diamonds on a ring.