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How to Check Your Most Active Instagram Followers?

Your most valuable followers are the ones who are most active on Instagram. These users are most likely to engage with all your content and convert to customers. Their comments and shares add value to the post and allow the content to be spread to more users and eventually, more followers.


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The issue arises in determining these active accounts and creating an engagement strategy that can convert these followers into your customer. There is no help provided by the platform in identifying these precious accounts except for the recent activities on your account. It shows each and every name of the follower you interacted with your posts. There is no tool to determine if the follower who is interacting is doing so in actual or how many times they have interacted. But, don’t worry, you can use third-party analytical tools which makes the process easy.

For example, SocialRank is one of the third-party apps which helps in identifying these active Instagram accounts and the strategies to convert them into customers. It works by grabbing all the information regarding the followers and following on Instagram. It provides easy to use interface for you to segment the information as you wish.
The various parameters to filter the followers on your account can be by the most valuable, most engaged, best follower or most followed. The data is presented in a complete detailed table form with complete information about the followers.
You can a detailed summary of the followers with a proper breakdown which will be necessary for you to understand the interaction rate and identifying the active Instagram followers.

How to Convert Active Followers to Customers?

There are two ways to convert active followers to your customers. The first method is to convert them to the sale of a product or service of your page. Another method is using them to promote your page to grow followers. Some users know how to buy Instagram followers and increase their reach and engagement.

Converting to Sale

It is important to start filtering the followers to who you can convert to a sale of your products or services. You need to target the active users, who can be filtered based on the posts in the last 45 days. It is better to go with the followers who have a profile picture as it creates authenticity. Communication is the best way to interact with followers and increase sales and revenue.

Customers are the real Instagram users who are just on the platform to interact with friends or their close ones but have no will to increase their followers base. Influencers, on the other hand, have a huge follower base and they can amend the purchase decision of a customer.

Converting to Grow

If you are looking to grow your Instagram account then it is better to target the influencers with a shoutout. Shoutout to shoutout is the best strategy and it can lead from one follower to another. Or it could be co-branding of each other on each other’s page. Influencers with a smaller number of followers tend to trade a shoutout to two shoutouts with you.