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Why Home Improvements Are Incomplete Without Stunning Floors?

Over time you may decide to retouch your house with a splash of trending interiors and color contrasts. Remodeling the kitchen, extending the patio, lawn, etc. are some changes that we wish to do with our own space. Do you know what all these home improvements feel incomplete? A stunning flooring. It may sound like an expensive dealing but here are some new trends in floors for a modern looking fresh house.

1. Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring is one of the most widely accepted flooring ideas followed these days. In engineered wood, top and bottom are high-quality hardwood and is filled up with plywood. You can get this look done with any tree of your choice. These goods can have a variety of color options to make your interior look more aesthetic. They are durable since it is made of almost 9 layers of hardwood floor. They have very low maintenance and easy to install. This flooring is good for high traffic areas.

2. Hardwood

If you are ready to take a little risk and promise no moisture on the floor, you can go for hardwood flooring. They are classic, lasts for years but requires little maintenance like polishing from time to time. Harwoods are costly to acquire and needs legal permission for cutting and using. Dust-free floor sanding can be done for installing hardwood flooring. The main drawback is the exposure to moisture content. That can cause damage on many levels. Hardwood flooring can add a royal look to your flooring if you maintain it properly.

3. Tiles

Tiles are easily available flooring option with different designs and patterns at a reasonable rate. The designs can be unique and even custom made if needed. It is available in different sizes. You can create a unique look with these tiles in a very less expensive way. Installation of tiles cannot be done without skilled labor. Tiles are a great option for stunning and attractive floors for your home.

4. Marble

This time of flooring is highly climate-dependent. Marble flooring can get extremely cold during winters therefore if you are living in a warmer place, go for this option. They look classy and posh. Marble flooring can be added with an attractive center carpet piece for your living room and you can pull off an extraordinarily beautiful living space in your home. They are also not easy to install but maintenance is not needed often. The cutting and installing of marble are quite expensive.

5. Parquet

This flooring is unique with a geometric mosaic of different patterns using wooden pieces. They are mostly angular or triangles, squares, and rectangles. Parquet floor sanding and installing can be done dust-free with several experts. They are very attractive. One drawback is that they need to be polished from time to time because of the traffic and furniture, there are chances of degradation of its stunning look.

6. Granite

Granite is feasible as well as a better alternative for tiles or marble flooring that needs extra installation labor and electricity for the process. Granite is less costly and adjusts with changing temperature. They are available only in standard colors. They have a shiny surface, unlike marbles which is attractive. Granite flooring is one among the most sought for flooring at this time.

7. Carpet

Carpet flooring is always a classic and elegant way of expressing your sense of style. They never go out of style. The main drawback is it needs a lot of attention and care. They need to be professionally cleaned every year and sometimes has to be steam cleaned once in a while. No matter how much the maintenance it takes people will always fall for a good carpet flooring.

Apart from these, different other flooring options available in the market. The installation is the only process where labor is needed. The flooring options like marble can go without maintenance for 20 plus years. Do your research and plan your budget properly before coming to a conclusion. Hire an experienced flooring expert for making your home stunning.