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Top 6 Trending Beach Essentials for 2019

Don’t wait to the last minute to buy your must-have beach essentials. From cute Quay Sunglasses to adorable swimsuits and more, this year’s top beach trends embrace fun and vibrancy. So let’s dive into some of this year’s fave beachwear and accessories.

Super Trendy Sunglasses

Don’t just get any shades for your vacation. Opt for top eyewear brands that provide the best protection while being both cool and casual. With gorgeous designs for any face shape as well as the best in UV protection, check out lenses by Quay and other designer brands. Remember to choose frames that compliments your face. For round and oval faces, opt for more angular square frames. If you have a square face, then round is your friend. This year flashy colors are in, so don’t be afraid for something more tropical and fun for the beach!


Embrace color with beautiful rainbow cover-ups and bikinis. Opt for more color overall. To avoid overdoing the style, accessorize with neutral colors like simple leather sandals and Lola straw hats. Don’t forget a rainbow towel and large beach bag!Natural fabrics and styles are popular now. Combine handwoven colorful handbags with a bright swimsuit and seashell jewelry. Dress up the look with high sandals or heels or dress it down with a hat and flats.

Hats, Hats, and More Hats

Hats are not only trendy, they protect your skin and eyes from unwanted glare from the sun. This year simple is best. So choose natural materials like straw in natural colors like beige or a dark brown. Woven is in, so look for beautiful handmade hats and purses when you are touring the local scenery. Support the local economy and enjoy beautiful accessories.


Sandals have always been trendy, but this year braided and woven sandals with one-of-a-kind patterns are a must-have. Skip cheap flip flops and sneakers. Instead look for artisan sandals. Easily dress these up for an evening cocktail party or dress them down for a lazy stroll on the beach. While natural colors are popular, don’t be afraid to add a splash of color with yellow or bright orange sandals.


Moving along with trends in handmade and woven beach essentials is the trend towards crocheted skirts, cover-ups, and handbags. Light and natural, a crocheted skirt is the perfect addition to any sun-kissed outfit. For evenings, look for luxurious crocheted maxi dresses with colorful patterns and designs. Even swimwear comes in casual crocheted styles for any body type.

Sarongs and Jewelry

Finally, don’t forget the beauty of a colorful sarong. Wrapped around your waste or as a dress, this versatile piece of fabric can be your best friend. Try loud colorful patterns to accent your outfit. Add local jewelry like large hoop earrings and bands to truly accentuate the overall casual beach look. Find an assortment of jewelry inspired by the ocean. From gold shell necklaces to seahorse diamond earrings, look luxurious each day of your vacation.