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Ground Lease And Its Relation With Commercial Real Estate?

People often wonder what is a ground lease? And surprisingly the people belonging to real estate are also often not fully aware about this term. For many commercial real estate structures the ground lease form a very prominent aspect. But most of the real estate agents rarely encounter the ground lease and hence are mostly ignorant about the ground lease. So the purpose of this blog is to shed some light on the topic of ground lease and its importance towards commercial real estate. This would clarify on the functioning of the ground lease, the structure of the ground lease and some common confusions associated with it.

The Definition Of The Term Ground Lease:

Ground lease or as colloquially said as land lease in simple terms is a land lease. In this the land is leased to the tenant for a relatively longer time frame of 50 to 99 years. On this property the tenant can now construct any construction. The ground lease has the authority to separate ownership of the land from the ownership of the constructed building and any improvising done to the building.

Why Is Ground Lease Important?

In spite of the fact that it may appear to be odd from the start for an engineer or occupant to develop a structure ashore that is possessed by another person, there are valid justifications why a ground rent is profitable to all parties included.

Maybe the greatest preferred position for occupants is that a ground lease gives access to lucrative and commercially profitable land that in any case couldn’t be purchased. This is the reason ground leases are broadly utilized by numerous huge retail inhabitants, for example,

McDonald’s, KFC and Starbucks. Another bit of leeway of a ground rent is that the inhabitant doesn’t need to think of the big load of money required to buy the land in an arrangement. This brings down drastically the money required in a speculation, and saves them a lot of money which they can use to expand their business operations.

It Is Also Beneficial To The Land Owner:

For the landowner, a ground rent gives a steady income opportunity stream ordinarily from a financially sound inhabitant, while as yet permitting the proprietor to hold responsibility for. Typically ground leases have worked in eviction right and escalation process which makes it very safe and also which give the land proprietor sufficient lease increments over the term of the rent also further drawback insurance in case of a default. Another advantage to land proprietors is that ground rents regularly have a reversionary condition, which moves responsibility for upgrades to the landowner toward the finish of the rent.



Thus we see that the land lease is a win-win solution to both the tenant and the landowner. It is a really lucrative wing in the real estate sector. Now that you are aware briefly about the terminology and also the functioning of the land lease you can very well make great use of it and increase your profit margins and also business horizons.