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7 Tips for Buying the Right Carpet Tiles for Your Home

Carpets come in two main varieties: rolls and tiles. Both are popular flooring options for residential properties.

This is because carpets never fail to add a touch of luxury to any room. The right carpet can enhance the design of the space, regardless of its size and function.

This flooring solution is also more comfortable to step and walk on. Carpets also provide better cushioning and are a safer option, especially in high-traffic areas.

Additionally, carpets have excellent sound and warmth insulation properties, thereby boosting the level of comfort in any space.

Although both roll and tile versions offer the same benefits, carpet tiles or squares are slowly catching up with the carpet rolls in terms of popularity. This is because according to flooring contractors in Dubai, they come with these additional advantages:

  • Their smaller size makes them easier to handle, move, and store.
  • They are more cost effective; you can buy the exact quantity of materials you need for a room without worrying about wasting money on buying an entire roll that you may end up not using.
  • Their size also offers more versatility and is easier to fit and install around corners, posts, and poles.

Tips for Buying Carpet Tiles

Shopping for carpet tiles comes with its own sets of challenges. If you want to purchase the right product on your first try, follow these tips:

Don’t make aesthetics your priority

One of the benefits of opting for a carpet is that it can enhance the look of a room. However, you shouldn’t make the design of the product your primary consideration.

The backing material of your carpet tile should be one of the top factors to consider. If you want a durable floor covering that can last for years, choose a hardback product as it can stand up to the pressure of heavy foot traffic.

Moreover, hardback carpet tiles can maintain their appearance and good condition even when they are stepped on frequently.
This type of carpet tile comes in different colors, designs, and patterns. As such, you will still be able to find a flooring option that will make any room appealing and will work with your interior design.

Choose the right carpet tile size

Carpet tiles also come in various sizes. You, therefore, also have to think carefully about this factor, too.
If you plan on playing with patterns on your floor, choose smaller tiles. These are easier to work with in completing your selected design or layout.

You can go for larger tiles if the room is large and you are not following any pattern or layout.
If you are buying different designs of carpet tiles, make sure they fit snugly when they are connected for proper installation.

Consider the product’s thickness

The carpet tile’s thickness also plays an important role in the durability and longevity of this floor covering material. It also affects sound control and the comfort of people walking on it. Because of these reasons, you need to prioritize this quality, too.

Generally, carpets with 2.12 mm thickness can stand up to intense wear and tear. They also provide sufficient sound insulation and can last for a long time.

Wool and nylon tile carpets rank high in terms of comfort. With the right level of thickness, you will have a durable and comfortable floor with these.

Know the installation process

Your carpet retailer can give you details regarding the cost of installation. If you are hiring professionals to handle this part of the job, you can also ask for quotations from different contractors to find out which one offers the best price.
However, you can save some money on the installation cost if you choose the right product.

For instance, you can purchase carpet tiles with non-reactive adhesives and backings. With this option, you can remove the need for a labor-intensive floor preparation process, which is sometimes offered as an extra service.

You can also go for thicker cushion-backed carpet squares if you want to avoid the unsightly lumps, bumps, and unevenness that often come with flooring that has thermoplastic backing. This type of tile is easier and faster to install, as well.

Consider the maintenance requirements

Carpets require specific cleaning and maintenance requirements. Although most types tend to be high-maintenance, you can find a product that does not demand frequent cleaning and care if you ask around.

To avoid spending more time than you need to preserve your floor, find out the product’s maintenance requirements first. If the manufacturer specifies daily vacuuming, you may want to consider another option.

Also, check what steps are recommended regarding spot treatments and the frequency of deep cleaning. Find out if you can keep up with these and if the products you have to use won’t put a huge dent in your pocket.

Make sure you can stock up on extra carpet tiles

Another significant advantage of opting for carpet squares over rolls is that you can replace extremely dirty or worn out sections without investing in re-carpeting the whole area. This allows you to save money in the long run.

Replacing one or two carpet tiles is a time-saving option as well. Whether you take the DIY approach or hire a professional, it won’t take hours to install the new ones. You will have full use of the room again within the day.

But to ensure you maintain the original look of your floor, you have to stock up on the same product. This means buying a few extra quantities of the same item.

By doing so, you can replace the tiles immediately whenever you need to. You won’t have to worry about looking for discontinued items and thinking about what you can do to fix your flooring.

Check the warranty

Most carpet manufacturers and suppliers sell products with warranties. With this additional feature, you can get replacement tiles as long as you meet the terms and conditions.

However, manufacturer warranties vary. Some warranties are time-limited, which means that your protection may lapse before your carpet tiles reach the end of their lifetime.

Other warranties, on the other hand, have strict terms and conditions, which you have to follow to the letter. If you don’t, they become void and unusable.

If you want your carpet tiles to be covered by a good warranty, request a copy from the supplier and read it first. And to protect your flooring investment, make sure it has a comprehensive program of lifetime warranties.

Carpet tiles can be an important addition to your interior design. If you choose the right product, you will have an appealing flooring material that will last for years.


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