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6 Furniture Ideas to Save Space

Living in small spaces is a growing trend. But life in a small apartment comes with its share of its pros and cons. While you live in a space you love, you cannot seem to fit all your stuff in the house. The good news is; there is lots of space-saving furniture. It will take a bit of a keen eye, but you will find exactly what you need for your space if you are patient enough.

Here are some pieces that can quickly transform to make your small room large.

Disappearing desk

People are working from home more than ever. However, you do not need a fully-fledged office to be productive. All you need is enough space to keep your computer, some room for pens, a notebook, and paperwork and you are all set.  A disappearing desk is a perfect solution for a small office. When not in use, the desk folds up into a compact shelf.

Convertible sofa

Convertible sofas can quickly transform into a regular couch, a recliner, or even a flatbed to host guests over the weekends.

Ensure you buy a convertible sofa that is comfortable enough so that your guests do not end up with backaches and pain after a long weekend of sleeping on it.

Foldable kitchen

Enough kitchen space in a small apartment is hard to come by. It is sometimes hard to make a full-sized meal, and you have to settle with easy to prepare meals. However, with modern innovations, you can have a fully functioning kitchen that easily folds into a cute box.

And the best thing is that it doesn’t take up much of your already cramped space. It will sit quietly at a corner of your apartment. Some of these foldable kitchens come with an oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, and cooktop.

Convertible tables

Your coffee table can be used as a dining table, but only if it is convertible. A convertible coffee table will easily lift to the perfect height when eating. And the best thing is most convertible tables come with some small storage in there.

Floating cabinetry

Floating cabinets are great space savers. Where possible, go for the floating walls, especially in the smallest of spaces such as bathrooms. It will give the impression of a larger space as the floor area is not cramped. Besides, if you hung a wall cabinet with storage, you will have enough room to store all your toiletries while still keeping the floor area open.

Foldable wall mounted clothes drying rack

You already have a small laundry room, so you don’t want to fill it up with a folding drying rack and other things. Get a wall-mounted drying rack to save space and leave room for moving around your laundry area. When not in use, the wall-mounted drying rack can be folded back into a compact size.

Use movable storage

Instead of fitting permanent cabinets, it is best to use freestanding units that can easily be moved around. Trolleys can be easily wheeled around the room and are multi-functional. Similarly, stackable crates are perfect as you can arrange them in different styles to fit your preference.


There are so many ways in which you can use furniture to save space in your small apartment. While also saving space, you will be more comfortable and have a cosy home that you love to come back to every evening.