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Top 5 Gifts for the Yogi in Your Life

For some, yoga is not just an exercise; it’s a lifestyle. If you have a mindful friend who loves to practice yoga daily, then why not treat them to a thoughtful gift that will take their practice to the next level. Whether they have just started practicing or they have been living the yogic lifestyle for a while, there are a few choice accessories every yogi needs. Here are a few gift ideas that are perfect for the yogi in your life.

Ergonomic Yoga Mat

A high-quality mat can make a world of difference to any yoga practice. There are many types of yoga mats to choose from, and your choice should be dependent on your friend’s personal needs and their yoga practice style. First and foremost, a mat should fit your friend to a tee. Tall practitioners require a long-sized mat, while yogis with joint pain will appreciate a denser, cushioned mat that can offer more support. Bikram practitioners can benefit from a specially designed mat that will stay grippy despite the bucketfuls of sweat. If your yogi friend is a globetrotter, gift them a lightweight mat that’s designed for travel.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

If you want to take gift-giving one step further, include a mat cleaner with your yoga mat gift. Yoga mats make a fine breeding ground for bacteria, and an unclean mat can produce odors that linger. In fact, personal yoga mats have the potential to host more bacteria than shared mats at the gym. Not to mention, not only can a dirty mat make your friend more susceptible to illness, but it can also shorten the mat’s life too. Help your friend keep their mat clean with a specially designed yoga mat cleaner.

Yoga Journal for a More Mindful Practice

From organizing thoughts, recognizing triggers, and recording ideas, the benefits of journaling are endless. A yoga journal can help your friend achieve a more mindful practice and take their yoga journey one step further. Regular yoga journaling can increase self-awareness, and it will enable them to track their spiritual progress.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Yogis who spend time practicing at home will enjoy the soothing scent of essential oils. An aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is a calming accessory that can be placed anywhere in the home to set the mood. Using varied essential oil combinations, the diffuser can create the right ambiance for different types of yoga practices. If you want to spoil your friend, combine your oil diffuser gift with an essential oil starter set. As a heads up, ylang-ylang is fabulous for reducing bodily tension, lavender aids relaxation, and sandalwood can improve concentration levels during practice. You can get a fancy oil diffuser easily online on sites like BluZen Wellness.

Insulated Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a must when exercising, and this is especially important during a hot yoga session. A water bottle may seem like a basic gift, but your yogi friend will be forever grateful whenever they take a sip of ice-cold water during hot yoga practice.