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Taking Care of Your Trees

Most of us do not have big yards with different trees anymore. You can choose to blame this on the economy, the housing crisis, millennials, or whichever. At the end of the day, housing trends have changed exponentially. However, if you are still lucky enough to be able to have a property with a tree or more, then you must take care of it. Trees have become a rare sight in residential properties, so don’t let their magic die if you happen to be considering getting them removed. Yes, trees are a little extra work, but they are definitely worth the effort as they continue growing in your property.

A common misconception people have regarding tree care is that it is a pretty simple process that doesn’t require having to put in any effort, but this is not true. Trees require care in many different ways just like any other plant in our garden, and this includes trimming, protection from pests and disease, adequate amounts of water, nutrient-rich soil, and of course, sunlight. If you are not able to provide these things to your tree, then your tree is not likely to survive.

This is where you will need to opt for professional tree care services. By hiring tree care experts, you can be assured that your tree is in professional hands and that it will be taken care of properly. If you happen to require tree care experts and do not know who to call, you can always call in the experts at Pro Florida Tree Service for a consultation. So they will just send in an expert or two who will come over and examine your tree and then let you know if the tree currently needs any work.

A lot of people also think that they can take on and do the same things a tree care expert can do. This is usually done to save money and while that is always a good thing to consider, it is also important to be realistic and assess the risks here.

Working with trees can be tricky, especially if you plan on climbing the tree and trimming it. Without the proper gear or equipment, you will end up putting yourself at risk for injury, and tree-fall related injuries can be serious, and at times fatal. So unless you have the proper gear and experience, we do not recommend climbing your tree yourself. Similarly, if you do not know your tree and its needs, the chances of you trimming it correctly are negligible. Different trees happen to have different trimming needs and the entire process of trimming and pruning trees is a very meticulously thought out process as opposed to it being random, haphazard snips at different parts of the branches. So again, we recommend letting the expert handle things here for the sake of your safety and your tree’s general wellbeing.

Your tree needs to get trimmed after every few months for many different reasons, and this can include:

  • Handling unnecessary overgrowth and to prevent the branches from growing into wires or other dangerous areas.
  • Keeping your crown well-balanced and neat to prevent any the tree from tilting or leaning because of the weight.
  • To deal with any diseased or dead branches.
  • To improve the aesthetic quality of your tree.

These are just some of the reasons why your tree might need a trim. Apart from trimming, your tree can also have other needs as well. One of those needs is having a nutrient-rich soil. Trees require a lot of nutrients to keep growing, but they tend to end up taking a lot of nutrients from the soil this way which can affect the plants surrounding the tree. The best way to deal with this issue is to mulch your tree. If you do not know how to mulch your tree, you can call in the experts and have them do it. Mulching does require making sure that the base of your tree does have sufficient mulch surrounding it, and at the same time, make sure that mulch isn’t coating unnecessary tree bark because the moisture in this condition will just end up affecting the tree and make it vulnerable.

Of course, if you also happen to have any tree-related query or concern, you can consult your tree care experts in that situation as well. A good tree care company will help answer all of your concerns and will help ensure that your tree grows well and properly. Having tree care experts come in and trim and your tree regularly will help your tree stay healthy in the long run, and you will be rewarded by the sight of a healthy and happy tree in your property, and there is no feeling that can replace the sense of accomplishment that comes with it.