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Several Ideas on How to Give Your Furniture a Second Life?

Are you moving homes, going overseas, or just moving out and do not know what to do with your old furniture? You may be thinking of throwing away some piece of furniture because it is either not in the best of shape. Well, there are many ways that such furniture can be given a second life. You can choose to sell such furniture, give it away, repair it and give it a fresh life or donate it to people who need it. You may also decide to buy slipcovers for recliners to make the furniture more suitable for your daily use. All these are good ways to make your furniture usable.

In this write-up, we shall discuss some ideas that you can implement to give your furniture more life and probably make some money in the process.

Here are tips to give the furniture a second life:

1. Stripping and staining

This is a good way to give the furniture a second life. What does it mean to strip and stain a piece of furniture? Well, stripping is a way of restoring the old furniture coating and then removing it before you stain the furniture. There are two types of strippers, oil-based and water-based strippers.  Always wear rubber gloves when using the strippers since they are highly flammable. Using a paintbrush, apply the stripper and let it dry. Remove the stripper by use of a plastic scraper. Allow it sometime before you clean the surface with fine steel wool. You can use paint thinner if you need to. You can also paint the furniture after tripping. It all depends on your preference.

2. Painting

Some of your furniture pieces could just be looking old because of worn-out paint. Paint offers your furniture many possibilities. You can gussy up old tire melamine. You can decide to give your furniture plain paint or make some designs and patterns on the furniture. The first thing to do however is to clean the surface using products such as TPS or just light sanding the furniture. Imitation wood is the latest trend in painting furniture. Use a streaking tool to do this. Use a roller to spread a mixture of paint and glaze on the surface. The streaking tool is run steadily and slowly to create a nice wood grain texture. This makes your furniture look new and appealing.

3. Upholstering a chair seat

Your old chair seat can do with upholstering for it to get a new life. The procedure of doing this is quite easy. Remove the seat and unscrew it from the frame. You can then remove the old fabric that needs to be replaced. You will need to turn the seat over and ensure the patterns on the fabric are centered on the seat. The next step is to cut the seat cover and attach the fabric. The corners are next to be completed, after which you then reattach the seat.

There are many other ways you can make your furniture more usable after it has become old or unstable. You can always research the best ideas on how to go about these procedures.