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6 Jewelry Styling Tips to Know

The little things matter the most when putting together a stylish ensemble, and jewelry is a crucial finishing touch for all of your looks. And no matter what anyone says, there IS a right and a wrong way to accessorize an outfit with jewelry. You can’t get away with just anything. 

Simply throwing on a statement necklace with a basic outfit won’t always do justice to your look. Neither would be buying a load of jewelry items help you know how to style each item and look good. So you must understand the art of styling to make the most of your jewelry pieces.

Whatever the event you’re dressing for, we hope these jewelry styling recommendations will help you look your best.

Know the basics

Before you buy the newest jewelry collection dropped by your favorite designer, understand how you can style it. Many people find styling jewelry complex, even if it’s an essential item like a pair of gold hoops. There are different elements and guides to styling which can make or break your look. Even with bold statement pieces like a herringbone necklace, there are many ways to make that item complement your outfit and not overpower it. You want to draw equal attention to your clothes, shoes, bag, and jewelry. A single thing shouldn’t overpower your look; you want harmony between all your accessories to make your look stand out. 

If you wear patterned clothing, always go for minimal jewelry; no, it doesn’t have to be boring. For example, you can pair up a simple gold chain with some nice bee earrings to add a personal touch without distracting too much from your outfit. 

Don’t go overboard

Jewelry is meant to complement and amplify your outfit and not overshadow it. Layering a few gold necklaces with your favorite pair of chunky gold hoops may be a good idea. But add a few gold bracelets or rings to that, and you might start looking like a walking gold jewelry store. The key to accessorizing is to add enough pieces to look presentable but avoid overkill. Wearing too many accessories looks cluttered, without any jewelry item standing out. 

Know what pieces you have and which outfits they would complement well. If you are planning to wear a specific jewelry item like a ring or headpiece, plan an outfit that pairs well. Or you can lay out your outfit and then mix and match whatever jewelry items go with it. Wearing heavy jewelry and too much of that draws away attention from your face and outfit to your accessories. On a side note, if you’re planning to wear a bold makeup look, you might want to keep your accessories and jewelry items subtle. 

Layer your rings, bangles, and necklaces

Layering is singlehandedly the best way of styling jewelry. Pairing your necklaces, bangles, and rings might help you pull off a trendy look. Work with different lengths, colors, shapes, and textures to start experimenting with layering. For instance, you can layer a strand of tiny pearls with a chunky gold necklace to add class and chic to your look. Work with different lengths to draw attention to your face when layering necklaces. Similarly, you can pair hoops and pearl studs on your ears. 

Experiment with various metals

Previously it might have been a styling sin to mix and match various metals, but it’s not that big of a deal anymore. You can pair a gold pendant on a silver chain or wear gold and silver rings on one hand. Jewelry styling is more about finding what works best for you than following a trend or set of rules. Of course, you still have to think about which metals contrast nicely and what items would look good with one another. Not every silver chain will complement a rose gold or gold pendant. Experimenting with different metals and colors adds vibrancy to your overall look. 

Find a balance between jewelry trends and personal style

It’s helpful to look for inspiration when finding your style in clothing or jewelry. Fashion magazines and style ideas of your favorite celebrities are good for inspiration. But don’t alter your preferences or style to fit a trend or imitate someone you admire. Your style is based on your skin tone, body type, and lifestyle. It’s unique to you; thus, no point in running after trends.

In some cases, following a trend may require you to spend more on jewelry than you can afford – not a good idea. Instead, learn how to balance your personal choice with trends. For instance, the recent TikTok trend of becoming “that girl” has increased the hype around gold and pearl jewelry. Though there are plenty of affordable jewelry brands, it’s tempting to follow in the footsteps of your favorite influencer promoting a high-end jewelry brand.

Spruce up your look with statement pieces

Statement pieces can enhance your overall look without putting in too much effort. Some famous red carpet looks are notorious for their statement pieces, like Blake Lively’s bold dangly earrings from her 2022 Met Gala look. Or take inspiration from Bella Hadid’s golden lungs necklace that she wore to the Cannes Festival. We’re not suggesting that you drop this month’s paycheck on a high-end statement jewelry piece, but you can add a few statement pieces to your jewelry collection. Earrings, bangles, cuffs, necklaces, and headpieces can be good statement pieces for brightening your look and complementing an otherwise plain or simple outfit. 


Fashion trends, whether jewelry or clothing, tend to change every season. It’s okay to allow trends to guide your jewelry styling but don’t become dependent on them. You can always opt for classic jewelry items like pearl studs or dainty gold chains and bracelets. What’s essential is to focus on how you would want to look. Don’t waste money on statement pieces you cannot pair with multiple outfits. Instead, mix and match what items you already have and invest in good-quality pieces if the need arises.