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How Can Transform Your Wood Treatment Process

Wood has been used throughout history to create houses, furniture, and a variety of other items. It’s essential to everyday life and, best of all, it’s sustainable. In a world where people are increasingly concerned with the environment and the damage being caused to the planet, wood remains a viable and practical resource.

However, you can’t just take wood and use it. It has to be dried first.

Why Dry Wood?

When wood is dried it loses its moisture, which causes it to contract. As the wood gets smaller it becomes denser and this increases its strength and stability. It’s best to lower its liquid content to roughly 30% of what it was when cut. The exact amount will vary depending on what type of wood you are dealing with. 

If you don’t dry it then the wood is highly likely to warp and shrink. In short, any project will be ruined.

Of course, you can simply leave wood to air dry. However, this process takes a long time and it can be hard to determine exactly how dry the wood is.

The Right Company

That’s why you need to deal with a company that has earned its reputation in the wood drying industry through experience and innovation. Check out and you’ll discover a company that has been in business since 1962. It specializes in vacuum drying wood and has 92 patents to confirm its experience and expertise. Since 2010 the company has also been offering high-temperature thermal vacuum treatments. 

Alongside this, they have representation on every continent with dedicated staff in many countries across the globe. 

This expertise isn’t the only thing they offer. All the staff are highly trained and offer the best possible customer service, ensuring you get what you need as fast as possible.

They offer an array of services but wood drying and heat treatment are what they specialize in.

The Wood Dryer

This company offers several wood drying options:

  • Vacuum Press Dryers

The vacuum press dryer uses continuous vacuum plates combined with heat to literally suck the moisture out of your wood. This approach doesn’t just dry the wood. It also ensures it is evenly pressurized, maximizing density and strength once dry. 

A vacuum approach improves the quality of the wood by ensuring it is uniformly dried and can even straighten warped wooden sections. It’s also significantly faster than traditional wood drying techniques. 

  • Ventilated Drying

Ventilated drying also relies on a vacuum to speed and improve the drying process. But, it doesn’t use pressure, making it better suited for laminated wood, especially those that can be loaded and unloaded by forklift.

This approach still uses heat but it is the air that is heated, not the press.

Heat Treatment

A more recent development is heat treatment. This takes air drying to another level by adding heat to the mixture. It works exceptionally well when combined with a vacuum as any humidity in the heat is removed through the vacuum process. 

This approach, often referred to as thermos vacuum drying, provides stronger wood with better durability and it’s better at insulating. 

If you need wood for a project you need to check out the services wde offer. Having the best quality wood really does make a difference.